Monday, April 25, 2011

True Vintage

After my original rant about aprons I remembered this one.  Sorry for the wrinkles as I had to "rescue" it from the dress up basket.  That basket has been its home for quite some time now and Miss L really hasn't made use of this one.  She prefers to wear the vintage waist apron as a dress tied under her arms -- she actually looks quite lovely that way.


Where did this one come from you might ask?

This was my Grandma G's apron and I remember her wearing it on the farm on several occasions.  Kleenex was always tucked away in the pocket.  She would wear it all day.  I am confident all the work was done with her hands.  I have tried it on several times and it feels a bit snug in places.  It would figure as my grandmother was a bit smaller framed  than I am.  This apron is a smock style, I believe and I think it would be pretty comfortable.  Maybe if I had a better fitting one I would like this style as well?  I don't know.  Maybe I will try cooking with it.  However, I think it may need a wash and an iron.

It may be worth it.

It's a fun reminder of my grandmother and childhood memories on the farm.  My grandmother died a couple of years ago at 100 1/2 -- you have to start adding the "half" in again when you turn 100 -- ha ha ha!!