Friday, April 8, 2011


This is my little "violet" plant.  Actually, it's called streptocarpus and it is in the violet family.

My last one was struggling after Miss A came along.  I just didn't pay much attention to it, really.  I decided that I would purchase a new plant from the lady who made my pot seen here.  It's a special self watering pot for African Violets but works really well for the Streptocarpus.  She comes to the art festivals that I like to peruse in the spring and fall.  I found the same color and was quite happy that I didn't have to pick another color.  I am such a creature of habit.  This plant sits in our master bathroom on the tub.  There's a nice window there and it seems happy there.

This is about as good as it gets for my gardening skills right now.  Maybe someday we will have a vegetable garden.  I think that I would like that.

Yes, vegetable gardens grow in Phoenix.  


  1. That pot is beautiful, Jessica. Which art festival do you go to? When is it and where?

  2. Luma, I will e-mail you about the art festivals. The next ones are in the fall because the spring ones are over for now... because you know... minus today it starts getting HOT!

  3. So pretty! And I can't believe you can get them to bloom...My still has yet to bloom after a year in my possession. Boo!