Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Empty Those Pockets

I have never been the best at remembering to empty pockets before throwing pants in the wash.  I rarely carry things in my pockets.  I think it must be a girl thing.  Therefore, it must be a man thing to carry a variety of things in their pockets.  A few of Husband's thumb drives and other interesting things have made it through my wash in the last four and a half years.  Miraculously, none have been damaged or they were not that important.

We are now entering a new stage of laundry fun.  Miss L has discovered that her pocket hold things.  I was hoping to delay the discovery as long as possible.  The day has come.

Miss L loves to go in the bathroom and ask for one square of toilet paper.  It's a pretty cute exchange, if you ask me.  She will pretend to wash the window with it or will imitate "wiping."  When she is done with it she wads it up and sticks it in her pocket.  However, if her particular outfit for the day does not have pockets she pretends her pants are pockets and stuffs it down her pants.  It's funny to later change her diaper to find this wad in her pants...or sometimes she actually sticks it down her diaper which always makes me laugh.

Yes, I must remember to check pockets lest rocks roll around in my washer with bits of toilet paper.


  1. The problem with the toilet paper is that it all rips apart and gets shredded in little pieces all over the washer and dryer. It's a pain to pick up.

  2. ha ha -- I am always the one with stuff in my pockets...and Jer is constantly getting on me about it! :)