Wednesday, April 6, 2011



I want to love them.

But I don't.

Okay, before you get in a fuss it's the aprons that go up and around my neck that I have a hard time with.  I have noticed the slightest pressure at the base of my neck gives me a headache or just makes me uncomfortable.

It's unfortunate, really, that some cute "around-the-neck" aprons have made their way to Goodwill.

I just haven't found a cute little "waist" apron that I really love.  Although, I found some cute photos of some that may be fun to try to make some day.  For now I will have to purchase one.  Not just any apron... one to which I am really drawn.
I know that some say their aprons have "superpowers" -- ohhhh, I want that!

Do you have an apron that you love?  Do you just cook in your apron or do you clean the house with it on, too?


  1. I like aprons...sometimes...I need to make an "around the neck" one for myself b/c I don't have one!! ha ha! We have the opposite problem. If you want a cute waist one, I would totally love to make it for you... :) I have wanted to make you something for awhile, but didn't know what you needed and now that I know...well, the offer is out.

  2. I adore the style of the apron that Kristina G gave me for my wedding shower. I was actually thinking of paying her to make me another one if she is able. Not sure if you know the style but it's more smock style plus it has pockets. I wear it for cooking, doing dishes and sometimes for cleaning. Usually when I clean I wear junky clothes so I don't care if they get icky. But anytime I want to protect my shirt I wear the apron. It makes me feel very housewifey when I wear it to clean! LOL. I have a couple that go around the neck and you're right, they just aren't comfortable after a point. They really irritate the back of neck. A waist apron for me wouldn't work. They don't protect my top which, for me is where I get everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. But they are super cute!

  3. Well, my apron really does have superpowers! Everytime I put it on all I want to do is cook and clean! When I feel lazy, all I have to do is convince myself to get off the sofa and get my apron on, and it's all downhill from there :)

    Amanda, one of my favorites is the Lorelei pattern from A is for Apron. Seriously, it is so cute! (That one is my magic apron)! I wear it all the time and for whatever! I've yet to have this one irritate my neck and I don't feel it pulling on it.

  4. a quick solution: run one of the waist ties through the back of the neckband. then when you tie the bow, it's like a 3-point harness on the back, brings the apron up a little higher to more of a below ribs rather than at waist tie. I do it for a kid's one that Katie has, which was apparently designed for preteens, not preschoolers.