Friday, June 24, 2011

Still Here

I'm still here!  Promise!  Things have been rolling around in my head.  However, we have been on a whirlwind of trips the last several weeks.  I didn't have my computer with me and typing much of anything on my smart phone...well...just does not appeal to me.  I am not sure how people write lengthy e-mails on them but maybe it's a personal preference.

In the last couple of weeks we have driven to California once and to Colorado twice.  A couple of glimpses into those trips will come in future posts.  We are definitely in recovery mode.  Thankfully, all the laundry is done except for one load of towels.  However, there are a lot of clothes that need to be packed away as Miss A has out grown them.  Or there are clothes we had to pull out from winter as it was a bit chilly (read: snow) on one trip to Colorado.  I am feeling the need to get some things together in anticipation of the next baby.  Oh my.

Husband started a new job yesterday.  It was a great and sad at the same time as he has been home with us for the last month.  I am probably having the harder time adjusting to it than the girls.  Although, that's not to say that they don't miss him that's for sure.  The time he had off was such a blessing to us all and came at a very opportune time as I needed extra help in managing the girls while dealing with morning sickness (which on many scales is very mild, but enough to throw me off.)  So, we are thankful for the provision of time and now thankful for the provision on employment.  Our cups overflow!

So, as I feel better, you will hear more from me.... hang in there!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Looking Back: May

Why does the beginning of May seem like forever ago?  Wow.  At the beginning of May I had hoped to add some additional goals to the making of the bed, Scripture reading, etc.  I am glad I didn't commit to it because I would be feeling the pressure of not achieving those things right now.  I think I had enough foresight into what was coming my way to maybe hold off.  I did, however, commit to the Homemaker's Challenge from Joyful Mothering in correspondence with the book 31 Days to Clean.  About half way through the month that went right out the window.  I am okay with that and will probably resume this at some point as I thought that the heart challenges were good for me.  The task challenges we good and I have heard through the rumor mill that there are a new set of task challenges.  As I return to that I will probably blog more about it here.

As mentioned in a previous post I have a hard time recovering from trips.  We had a whim of a trip mid-May to San Diego.  Then about a week or so later we were on our way to Colorado deep in the San Juan Mountains.  We will be heading to Denver soon to celebrate with family a major milestone (will share about that later) and I think that will be all for travelling for a time.  I hope to recover before then but we will see.

Unfortunately, as of late, my bed making and Scripture reading have been...well...lacking.  I need to adjust back to a normal schedule and muster up motivation.  It's a challenge but I need to get there.  I guess, in a sense, those are my goals for this month.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Travelling with Littles

This is what we have been doing lately.  Travelling with little people.  We have two little girls two and nine months.  We strapped them in the van and drove 12 hours.  We realize this could have been further complicated if I was still nursing or if one was potty training, etc.  But our longest trip yet recorded went down as a success.  When we stopped we made sure that they both were able to get their wiggles out.  Even the wee one needed a break so she climbed around in the van while I changed her big sister.  Big sister got to "hop, hop," as she would say, while Daddy pumped gas.  It worked out well.  Here are some other things that I learned...

  • Don't cramp your kids.  Put what you need near them or what they will want.  The rest needs to go in the back.  They need to feel like they have room to breathe as well.  If you wouldn't like sitting back there with all the stuff then I am pretty sure your kids won't either.
  • Snack foods are a must.  Miss L was into cheese sticks this trip so I need to make sure we have plenty for the next trip.  Healthy and higher protein are a huge win.
  • Plan on at least one parent in the back with "little" littles from time to time.  There is no way they can go the WHOLE day without seeing you.  They need to play, too!
  • Try to keep their schedule in the car.  This was a blessing for us.  I was in the back and would feed Miss A (people have different opinions on how to do this, etc - we didn't break the laws FYI) and we would play with a ball or be silly with Miss L.  Then around nap time I would have moved to the front and given Miss L something to do while Miss A took her morning nap.  Same basic principle for afternoon nap but both of them would sleep.  I just told Miss L it was time to rest and close her eyes and that was good enough for her.  The schedule made for happier kids when we arrived at out destination.
  • Naps will not be as long as they are at home.  Be flexible and if they need a little extra sleep later, that's fine.  Roll with it.
  • Elmo on DVD is Miss L's best friend.  When she was getting restless she would zone in with Elmo and interact with him and have a grand time.  Portable DVD player we love you.
I am sure there is more that I am trying to remember.  What are some of your road trip tips?