Friday, June 24, 2011

Still Here

I'm still here!  Promise!  Things have been rolling around in my head.  However, we have been on a whirlwind of trips the last several weeks.  I didn't have my computer with me and typing much of anything on my smart phone...well...just does not appeal to me.  I am not sure how people write lengthy e-mails on them but maybe it's a personal preference.

In the last couple of weeks we have driven to California once and to Colorado twice.  A couple of glimpses into those trips will come in future posts.  We are definitely in recovery mode.  Thankfully, all the laundry is done except for one load of towels.  However, there are a lot of clothes that need to be packed away as Miss A has out grown them.  Or there are clothes we had to pull out from winter as it was a bit chilly (read: snow) on one trip to Colorado.  I am feeling the need to get some things together in anticipation of the next baby.  Oh my.

Husband started a new job yesterday.  It was a great and sad at the same time as he has been home with us for the last month.  I am probably having the harder time adjusting to it than the girls.  Although, that's not to say that they don't miss him that's for sure.  The time he had off was such a blessing to us all and came at a very opportune time as I needed extra help in managing the girls while dealing with morning sickness (which on many scales is very mild, but enough to throw me off.)  So, we are thankful for the provision of time and now thankful for the provision on employment.  Our cups overflow!

So, as I feel better, you will hear more from me.... hang in there!


  1. Just checkin' in to say I still check in. Glad your cup is overflowing. Stay well!

  2. Look forward to talking with you this Sunday. :)