Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pizza Dough

Remember my 2012 Crafting Plan?

Well, I finally finished ONE of them.  The pizza dough.  I have tried a couple of different recipes.

My first one was a simple recipe I got from my bread machine book.  I made a whole wheat version for this Black Bean Nacho Pizza.  I think whole wheat in general is a little dense but it was still quite good.

A couple of weeks later I tried the regular white flour recipe.  It turned out good.  I will say that there is a trick to working with pizza dough.  Gravity is your friend and I now understand why pizzerias twirl their dough.  However, the whole wheat dough was by far easier to actually roll out.

Just last night I used Pioneer Woman's pizza dough recipe from her favorite pizza recipe.  I like that I can do this dough up a few days ahead of time.  However, I did this one the morning of the day that I would be using it.  At some point I will try the aged option.  This was a really good recipe!  What else would you expect from PW?  However, I think for how I was using it I would use the whole batch for a thicker crust.  I would also maybe let it bake up some before putting the toppings on.

I know some people freeze dough and I may look into doing that, too.  I am all for putting things in my freezer :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Do you hear an echo in here??

I am not sure how many people are still out there.  Someone today posted that "time flies when you're having kids."  It's true.  I realized I haven't posted anything since February.  Sigh.  There are many things to write about or yummy recipes that I want to post and keep track of here.  I will get to it eventually.  For now, there are other things that take precedent over blogging and I will get back to it again.  Miss S is a happy baby but has given us some challenges that we were not expecting and are things we never experienced with our other two.  The difference and challenges are things that I should be grateful for but sometimes have a hard time in the midst of the situation.  Reflecting on it now makes me realize it all the more.


So, I hope to be around more in the coming weeks.  Updates and other thoughts coming soon...

I hope.