Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Cottage

This last weekend we went on a little excursion with the "N" Family to San Diego/Coronado Island.  One of my and Husband's favorite places to eat breakfast is The Cottage in La Jolla.  OH. MY.  Seriously, you cannot beat the atmosphere or the food.  Breakfast is probably my favorite meal-type genre.  I think I could have breakfast for each meal of the day.  For real.  We have never had lunch or dinner at The Cottage but I am sure that they don't disappoint in that area either.  My favorite thing, besides the many varieties of eggs benedict, is the Southern California Special -- an omelet with bacon, guacamole, and some other yummy stuff.  It was fun to share this place with our dear friends the "N's."  Plus, we are not really souvenir people on vacation.  We like to find yummy places to eat and create memories that way and not accumulate "stuff."  Although, pounds may count for "stuff" someday.  HA!

However, we got an extra special treat this time around.  Our friend's, the "M" Family were the ones to introduce us to The Cottage.  They moved from the Valley of the Sun a couple of years ago and we have not seen them since.  I saw something about them possibly being in La Jolla the same weekend we would be there via her F.acebo.ok account.  I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if we ran into them at The Cottage?"  I said as much to Husband just minutes before we arrived for breakfast.  Sure enough!  Just moments after we arrived and were waiting for our table we saw M & C with their three little ones -- two of which we had not yet met!  They were there for a wedding and visiting friends.  (We would run into his parents at church the next morning!)

Well, with all that said... fond memories are made at The Cottage and so are full tummies.  If you find yourself even remotely in the area of La Jolla, CA this is a must stop.  It's totally worth the drive.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Real?

As of yesterday I am 23 weeks pregnant.  I don't think that I am getting very big.  I'll have to post belly shots once I get a shower later today (impossible right now because our fun window installers from Serbia are here... that's another story.) 


I stopped at a "roadshow" clothing booth at Costco this morning.  The only reason that I stopped was because I recognized their brand name from a half-off company that was featuring them this morning.  They have clothes that you can wear while preggo and then can also be used when not expecting.  It's a pretty genius way to get more for your money.  However, they are a bit pricey.  Even at "half-off" as they were touting at Costco a frilly t-shirt was $28.00 and jeans were about $34.00.  While I was kind of eyeing certain pieces and "wishing" the sales lady kind of turned me off.  First, she was all up in my space continually getting closer and closer.  Not a fan when it's people that I don't know.  Then when she learned Miss L's name she compared it to the "S.ex in the Ci.ty" movie where some character had a daughter named "L" and the other was "R."  She then asked if our next would be named "R" and I said, "No.  Her name is 'A.'" 

So, here is the kicker...

When asking about my next baby she said, "Oh!  Really soon, right??"  If by soon you mean in 4 months, then yes.  If by soon you mean any day now... I think I shall knock you up side the head.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chick Flick Cherry

Yes, I know that Mother's Day has long since passed but I am still enjoying my gift.  I am not a knick-knacky sort of person.  Give me something that is practical in that it will be useful in the day-to-day or that is consumable.  I will enjoy it for a time and then it will be gone and no longer taking up space in life.  So, when it comes to "minor" holidays I usually tell Husband that a pedicure or massage (or both) really are quite sufficient (actually, these work for me on "major" holidays as well!)  Nothing fancy but I get sheer joy out of the whole experience.

Last Mother's Day I went for a pedicure on my own not far from our old house.  It was fun to see other mothers there with younger daughters.  However, it was a group of ladies that represented three generation of women in their family that really caught my attention.  I watched as the older women laughed and chatted through the pedicures.  The two younger girls squealed with delight as they picked fun colors to paint their toes (they just did paint -- no spa treatment for them).  I delighted in this group and thought, "I want that." 

So, this year my MIL, myself, and Miss L went to the salon to have our toes done.  Miss L is in kind of a weird stage right now that painting her toes would be an interesting feat.  So, she just hung out with us and offered her toes to the nail tech from time to time.  It was cute.  I think that she will be old enough next year to have her toes painted.  Plus, we will have another little girl in tow!  I think it will be a fun tradition for us all.  Plus, we now have Mother's Day covered.  Husband's breathe a sigh of relief.  Not to say that my dear Husband doesn't do anything else... it's just not as big of a deal for us.

Anyway, I usually get a french pedicure when I get my toes done.  For some reason I opted not this time around and found a fun and beautiful red.  It was called "Chick Flick Cherry" which should then in turn tell you that it was an OPI brand nail polish.  ha!  They have the most creative names.  There used to be one called "You're Such a Kabuki Queen" which always made me smile.  I loved the "Chick Flick Cherry" so much that I was going to buy my own bottle of it but the nail tech (who happens to own the salon) gave me the bottle which was far from being empty!  Nice.  Now I can touch up my toes as needed.

On a random note, OPI and Dell have merged to create a new designer computer that I think is rather spiffy.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Before we moved I think of all the household chores I was probably the best at laundry.  However, I would say that now I am not so good at laundry these days.  In many ways, I think I am still trying to figure out my routine here in this new house.  Yes, even though we have been here for almost five months now!  My husband is tremendous in extending grace in the area of keeping our home.  I wish I was a graceful with myself as he is with me.  I will say that what has helped me in getting my wash routine down this week is that we started cloth diapering Miss L again.  That has to be done in certain cycles and I start working other things out.  So, I think I may be back on track with laundry this week.  Much to my husband's delight.  No worries though, he always has work clothes.  :)

Well, with that above rant there was a glimpse of sheer joy in doing the laundry today.  Miss L usually follows me all around the house as I do things here and there.  She especially likes to close any door or drawer that I open.  This becomes tricky when you are transferring wet laundry to the dryer.  I have been trying to tell her to put whatever item she has in the dryer.  No.  It usually ends up on the floor or a play thing for her for the moment.  Sigh.  We keep working.  Today I was moving diaper inserts from the wash to the dryer.  I said, "Put it in the dryer."  Gasp!  She put it in.  Was it a fluke?  Nope!  She continued to put them all in the dryer with the occasional wipe of the face because she likes that they are wet.  Silly.  It was great fun to be doing laundry with her.  Yes, even if it took me a bit longer than normal.  Such joy to see her learning.

However, as I reflect on this moment I realize it is a weighty moment.  It wasn't just a moment of, "Oh, I get what you are saying, Mama."  It was a moment of training her young heart and mind for the duties that she will someday have as a wife and mother.  I was reminded that I was her model of housekeeping (among other things).  Not something of perfection but a woman of grace and diligence.  It is convicting.  I don't want to teach her to beat herself up if things are not just so.  I want to teach her to work hard and give grace to herself in all areas... not just the laundry.

I have much to learn in order to teach.  Talk about some serious on the job training!