Friday, May 14, 2010


Before we moved I think of all the household chores I was probably the best at laundry.  However, I would say that now I am not so good at laundry these days.  In many ways, I think I am still trying to figure out my routine here in this new house.  Yes, even though we have been here for almost five months now!  My husband is tremendous in extending grace in the area of keeping our home.  I wish I was a graceful with myself as he is with me.  I will say that what has helped me in getting my wash routine down this week is that we started cloth diapering Miss L again.  That has to be done in certain cycles and I start working other things out.  So, I think I may be back on track with laundry this week.  Much to my husband's delight.  No worries though, he always has work clothes.  :)

Well, with that above rant there was a glimpse of sheer joy in doing the laundry today.  Miss L usually follows me all around the house as I do things here and there.  She especially likes to close any door or drawer that I open.  This becomes tricky when you are transferring wet laundry to the dryer.  I have been trying to tell her to put whatever item she has in the dryer.  No.  It usually ends up on the floor or a play thing for her for the moment.  Sigh.  We keep working.  Today I was moving diaper inserts from the wash to the dryer.  I said, "Put it in the dryer."  Gasp!  She put it in.  Was it a fluke?  Nope!  She continued to put them all in the dryer with the occasional wipe of the face because she likes that they are wet.  Silly.  It was great fun to be doing laundry with her.  Yes, even if it took me a bit longer than normal.  Such joy to see her learning.

However, as I reflect on this moment I realize it is a weighty moment.  It wasn't just a moment of, "Oh, I get what you are saying, Mama."  It was a moment of training her young heart and mind for the duties that she will someday have as a wife and mother.  I was reminded that I was her model of housekeeping (among other things).  Not something of perfection but a woman of grace and diligence.  It is convicting.  I don't want to teach her to beat herself up if things are not just so.  I want to teach her to work hard and give grace to herself in all areas... not just the laundry.

I have much to learn in order to teach.  Talk about some serious on the job training!

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  1. teaching by example is the best! You're doing a great job Mama! I'm so excited about the kids getting a little older and helping with laundry. Being so big and pregnant, they have been unloading the dryer for me and taking out the clothes to a place where I can fold them. So nice!