Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monday, We Feasted

Nancy Wilson talks about Sabbath Day feasting and it has been an honor to hear her speak about it in person when she and her husband visited our church. One thing that I thought very interesting is that when her family/husband's ministry comes under fire or there is a more intense sense of adversity we are called to celebrate all the more. It's then for that particular Sabbath she "buys a better cut of meat." I loved how she spoke about that.

While Monday was the day after the Lord's Day/Sabbath Day and we were by no means feeling the effects of intense adversity. However, we did celebrate the provision of a new job for Husband. It seems that the Lord continues to confirm the decision to leave his previous position and move on. So, in the words of a very wise Nancy Wilson there was great cause to really celebrate and "buy a better cut of meat."

In an attempt to surprise Husband I bought some steaks at AJ's along with some fingerling potatoes, onion, and mushroom (my husband loves them... me, not so much!) We grilled up the steaks and the potatoes, onion, and mushroom. I enjoyed a salad as well. We had a lot of food which means leftovers! Husband enjoyed an Irish beer that we found at AJ's on Saturday and then he made me a midouri sour. Good times.

So, we celebrated in the goodness of the Lord for His continual provision for our household. What a sweet, sweet time. Made even better by the fact that we also enjoyed our meal on our back patio in the cool spring weather evenings.

Yes, there will be an Ireland update soon. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Irish Spring Cleaning

Some have asked for a little update on the progress of our red walls. Well, for the most part it is done and I am finally happy with the results. I must clarify that they are not a "true" red. The color is called "Vintage Merlot." So, if you want to know what it really looks like bust out your favorite bottle of Merlot and there you will have it... and then you also have a wonderful reason to partake in the delightful beverage.

It's been fun and when my fun friend, Karen, was here last week visiting from Colorado (by way of New Mexico) not only did she bring us some much desired green chile she also helped me with some touch-ups in the paint and some other odd jobs around the house. Now, there is only the ledge left to do and I will do that later when we return from vacation. The picture here is me in the ledge when Matt and I were just applying the primer.

Here is yet another picture of me in the ledge with our very pink primer up on the walls. Let's just say that moving forward in faith was tested as the first coat of paint was a little crazy. We kept telling ourselves, "It'll get better.." We started to doubt that mantra as coats two and three were applied. Well, we didn't have to do a full fourth coat but there were places that definitely needed some help.

What had been driving me crazy, too, was the fact that the blue tape would stick in a way that when I peeled it off it would bring some of the paint up with it. Can you say frustrating? Indeed it was. However, I read that if you score the tape all will seem right in the world. Karen helped me with that and it did in fact work and I am so excited not to have a blue tape accent in my kitchen anymore.

With all that to say, here is a glimpse into the pretty much finished product (this was before Karen came so there is some blue tape.) A better picture yet to come?

I was trying to give you the effect of the color on our main walls as well which is called "Cracked Wheat."

More painting projects to come but they will have to wait until we return from Ireland! It's hard to believe that we leave tomorrow... we've been planing this for months and it's finally here.

We have yet to pack... go figure. And I am trying to get some things cleaned up so that we can at least come home to a clean house. I am such a girl. :)

We will have a lot of pictures I am sure and we hope to do a better job of uploading those to our flickr site when we return than we have been about doing that for some other events like our trip to Flagstaff my birthday, painting, Amanda's Bachelorette party, and other things. Those will be uploaded when we return, too.