Thursday, September 23, 2010

She's Here!

Well... she's been here for almost a month now.  She arrived about two weeks after my last post.  If I thought I had issues with blogging BEFORE two kids I am not sure what will come of this space.  A ghost town along side the information superhighway?  Maybe.  Or things will just be sporadic.  It may be best to just have this e-mail you when I update :)

Just for clarification, these are not her feet.  I am pretty leery of posting photos of my children on the Internet anymore after stories from friends and Facebook fan pages.  If you want to see family photos (and I am not opposed to having people I know on that site) let me know and I will invite you to where we have our photos hosted.  It's free for you but I can control privacy a whole lot better there. You can just look around to your little hearts content. ha!

In the last post we had a baby pool going and there was one response there and there were several on another social networking site.  Here is what was posted:

Tessa - August 24, 7lbs 12oz, 11:30 PM
Luma - August 26, 7lbs 13oz, 4:00 PM
Actual - August 27, 6lbs 9oz, 7:09 AM
Lisa - August 31, 7lbs 11oz, 4:30 PM
Renee - September 2, 6lbs 14oz
Beth B - September 3, 7lbs 3oz
Alaina - September 4, 7lbs 2oz, 7:01 AM
Mom - September 9 or 10, 6lbs 10oz

Overall, my sweet friend Luma wins the pool and a little something fun.  Technically we went beyond her guess but I was in labor on the 26th and she is the closest overall.  Alaina was the closest on time (good job!) and my mother-in-law was the closest on weight.  Maybe we'll do something for the others.  We'll see.  But for now...  CONGRATS LUMA!  ha ha ha!!
One or two people have already asked for all the gory details of the birth story (I know, Tessa!) and I need to write it out anyway for the baby book.  So, if anyone else wants to know let me know and I will send it to you.
I have other posts rolling around in my head but for now... I must go grocery shopping.