Thursday, August 28, 2008

To the 505 and Back

This last weekend Husband and I went back to my hometown to visit my Papa.  It was a good time and we were glad that we went... as always.

The adventure really began when we left on Thursday afternoon.  I opted to drive the first half so that Husband would not be so drained when he has the more difficult second half in the dark.  Let me just say that the last 30 miles on US 6 are BA-RU-TAL... oh yeah.  Anyway, it was an adventure as this was our first long road trip with me being pregnant and not really sure what to expect.  So, there were pit stops in Payson and Holbrook.  There should have been another one somewhere between Holbrook and Los Lunas - but I toughed it out.  I knew better for the trip home.  Needless to say, I was rather uncomfortable and my ankles were swollen by the time we pulled into my Dad's place.  It's amazing what simply standing up will do for a gal.

Somewhere along the second half of the trip Husband noticed something wrong with our tires and we were still about 150 miles from my hometown.  I prayed through the trip and knew that Husband would be able to handle whatever came our way.  We just prayed that we would make it in okay and that we could deal with the problem on Friday morning.  After a quick inspection at the tire shop we learned just how great the Lord's mercies were for us the night before.  One tire was cracking... no big deal.  But on the front left tire the tread was starting to separate.  Wow... disaster averted.  Husband takes good care of our cars.  We just acquired the one we were driving and all was well.  We knew that replacing these particular tires was in the future.  However, we figure that the length of the trip and other factors pushed them over the edge much before their time.  The other tires were perfectly fine.  Go figure.  As you can imagine, we now have four new tires.  :)

Friday was filled with some fun of the truest sense.  We purchased some green chile to replenish the supply here at home.  It was a delight to smell it roasting.  Then came the daunting task of peeling and packing over three bushels of the stuff.  We worked on it for some time and then put the rest in the fridge to do on Saturday.  Friday evening held dinner from Saggio's (oh for the best calzones EVER) and fellowship with Mark and Renee.  Such sweet friends.  It was fun to see how their oldest, Samuel, is growing and developing his own little personality.  Then to finally meet "miracle" baby, Noah.  Good times.  We even managed a partial game of "Hand and Foot."  One of the funniest moments of the evening was the fact that Mark went to check on something in Sammy's room only to discover a large, wooden wall hanging that we brought for Noah was being cuddled in bed with Sammy.  HA HA HA!!

Saturday morning we thought we would be seeing many a friend at a coffee shop.  Many thought that they would be able to come.  Rather we had one sweet friend show up.  That was perfectly fine because it was fun to just catch up with her.  We will have to catch up with others another time.  Then back to the house to finish off the green chile peeling fest.  The day was capped off with dinner at Powdrell's BBQ... bliss.

Sunday, we headed to church in Albuquerque where we sat under the preaching of the Pastor who first pastored my Dad and me.  We even got some down time with him and his wife between services.  Then off to Mark and Renee's to pick up a sweet gift for Little Flower (more on that in another post).  We rushed home, ate some brunch, packed the car, and finally left around 2:00 PM - a bit later than expected.  However, we made it home at a fairly decent time.

It was a good time.  My dad spent a lot of time with us in the chile peeling department and just hanging out.  He had a few things going on during the weekend as well.  We will see him again in October when he is out here for a bit.  The weather was delightful... amazing to be out at 10:00 AM and not be sweating in the shade... or the sun for that matter!

However, home is home, and we are always glad to be back.  I may have to post a pucture later of our very stuffed-with-chile freezer.  AND there is more still at my Dad's place!  Score.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Years

Happy Anniversary to the man I love most... my Husband!

Today we celebrate two years!  It's hard to imagine that it's been two years.  Is it possible?  Indeed.  We have faced a lot together and look forward to what the Lord has in store for us in the years to come.  It's a significant milestone in a variety of ways.  If you know some of our background you would know why.  If you are curious about it, you can e-mail me and I can fill you in on some of our story.  Through everything we have seen the Lord and His goodness.  His love does endure forever and His faithfulness is sure.  We are in awe of how He brought us together and continues to knit us as one flesh.

We are excited to be celebrating two years together and we have a fun trip planned (which I will have to tell you about after the fact).  It will also probably be out last big "hoorah!" before Little Flower comes along.  We will see, a random trip to California is always a last minute possibility.

My husband is the most kind and caring man I know.  He continually points me to the Lord.  I love that when I get a little crazy he can tell me to take it down a knotch or point out areas where I am growing and areas that probably need some love from the self-control and discipline department.  I appreciate how he is concerned for my well being and prays for our family.  I love that he knows that we will never fully arrive in our understanding of the mystery of the Lord.  He extends grace faster and more authentically than any one I have ever encountered and he accepts it freely from me.  I love that he continues to show me that I am in need of much grace and how to work on continually extending it to others.  We have our quirks, but that makes life fun.  We love to be together and cannot imagine life without the other.  We praise the Lord for His mercy to us in bringing us together despite the pain of the past.

Oh there is so much more that I could say....

We look forward to many more happy years together.  Happy Anniversary, Husband.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Half Way

Today, I am 20-weeks along in this pregnancy.  It's the "official" half-way mark.

It's hard to believe that Little Flower will be here sooner than we think.  In some respects it seems so very far away and that we have been waiting forever.  On the other hand, it's gone by incredibly fast.  There have been some entertaining...well...maybe more along the lines of interesting things that have happened here an there along the way.  I will admit that they are really only entertaining now -- in the midst of the situation, not so much.

Little Flower is moving around quite a bit now.  I say quite a bit because something is more than the previous nothing and I know her movements will only become more intense as the weeks pass.  It's been fun to feel her and yet it is quite an odd first experience, too.  Husband has been able to get her to press back on his hand a few times.  I love to watch his face when he feels for her and when she makes her presence known to him.  Such sweet moments I will for sure treasure in my heart.  I have noticed that she moves the most when I am driving in the car.  Hopefully, that is a sign that she likes the car and not that she has a high disdain for the car.  Goodness, we are commuters...she will just have to get used to it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cause for Concern

Now, I don't usually get very political here but this particular issue strikes a very deep an personal cord with me these days.  Many of you heard about the McCain/Obama forum held on Saturday at Saddleback Church that is pastored by famed Rick Warren.  Warren was the moderator of this debate.  If you get a chance to see this forum online (the links I found are at the end of this post) I think it would be well worth your time.  Needless to say, this event has caused a great deal of talk on so many levels.  As Husband and I were coming home from a delightful day with his parents, where of course this debate came up, we heard more about it on the radio station to which we were tuned for the evening.  Here is the question and responses that were at the center of conversation at this time:

Wow.  This video actually brought tears to my eyes.  Maybe it's hormones or maybe it's the reality of human life created in the image of the One true God... and it has a deep and significant value.  I know this isn't the only issue on the presidential plate but it is a big one for me.  A caller into the radio show shot off his mouth that really only late-term abortions are the ones that really matter.  The ones after only a couple of months gestation were really no big deal.  The host asked what makes the difference for him in late-term and early abortion.  The caller then said something to the effect of, "There is something more there during late-term rather than just a bunch of cells."  I about came unglued... literally.  I almost pulled my phone out and called the radio station to reply to that caller letting him know that I could see my little baby's heart beat at 5 weeks!  But I decided to listen to what other callers were saying for the next 40 minutes or so.

It breaks my heart that this country has such a hatred for the womb (and marriage).  Many would gladly give up the fight for a human life but would spend their life's savings to save a puppy.

By the way, the comment by Obama that abortions under President Bush have increased doesn't hold up.  You can read more about it here.

While this is only the beginning and issues debates of a more formal setting will be underway soon I believe that this is only a glimpse into the depth, or lack there of, of each candidate.  While there are plenty of things that I disagree with McCain on (and other that I agree with him on) I appreciate his decisiveness and stick-to-it action when it comes his decisions on a variety of issues.  I will also say that I think Obama is unraveling at the edges and there's really nothing that I agree with him about.  I'd love for him to make a decision with conviction and actually stick to it rather than change with the election wind as it suits him and his agenda.  Do I wish we had other options, of course.  Do I know who I will be voting for, you better believe it.

Here are the forum pieces that I could find:
Saddleback Forum: Part 1
Saddleback Forum: Part 2
Saddleback Forum: Part 3
Saddleback Forum: Part 4

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dunkin' Donuts Disappoinment


Several months ago Dunkin' Donuts closed all but one store in the valley to remodel and open new stores in the valley.  Today was to be the big day.  Husband even joked that I should be there at 5 AM when they opened.  Glad that I didn't do that!

I planned a big day of running errands only to be topped off by one of my favorite donuts (because you can get away with anything when you are prego) and an iced coffee.  I pull into the establishment closest to us only to find a sign below a balloon arch that read as follows:

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are not able to open today.

WHAT?!?!  Say it ain't so.  I am not sure if that was the case for all the new openings but it was a very sad end to a pretty productive day.  Such is life.

I like DD for so many sentimental reasons... 

...random stops there when I was a wee lass with my Papa

...milk and donuts at midnight with Lynn-O while in Ocean City, NJ (walking there in the ocean mist moving in) and donut dates with Ren while in Albuquerque

...random stop on a Sunday morning when my dear Husband wants to surprise me.

Then today... disappointment.  Hopefully, they will open soon or it was just this one particular store.  I need me some Dunkin'.  :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Recovering...sort of

Last Friday was an interesting day to say the least.

It really all began Monday of last when I noticed what I thought were bug bites, of great quantity, on my right arm.  Not fun.  Not amused.

Throughout the week we watched them.  I resisted with great success to scratch them... and BOY did they itch!  They didn't really get better.  If anything, they seemed to get more swollen.  Thursday morning we made the decision to call my OB's triage nurse and see what she would say.  After describing my issue she wanted me to come in "just in case."  So, I made an appointment for early the next day.

Friday was to be a pretty busy day... little did we know how busy it would become.  Husband had the day off and his fun parents were coming down to help paint the nursery -- I would be supervising from a distance.  ha ha!  Husband accompanied me to my appointment where my OB was quite baffled at what she saw.  She busted out some books on dermatological issues during pregnancy and kind of narrowed some things down.  However, she wasn't convinced that they were bug bites.  She ordered up some lab work to check out my liver and referred me to my dermatologist.  Surprisingly, my dermatologist was able to get me in that very same day!  Whoa.  I think it may have something to do with being pregnant, I have noticed it gets you to the front of almost every line and sends red flags a waving.

After painting the nursery in record time, scarfing down some lunch, we headed into the dermatologist.  Husband and I were pretty sure that they would just give us some cream and we would be on our way.  Not so much.  She, too, was perplexed at these little red bumps that were in some pretty random formations.  She went the gamut of bug bites, to something else, back to the odd possibility that a little creature had in fact done this to me.  In the end, she wanted to do a biopsy!  I didn't think too much of it until I realized they were putting a couple of stitches in my arm!  Not expecting that... no, not at all.

So, now we wait for all the results to come back from the labs.  I still have some silly red bumps that seem to NOW be getting smaller and don't itch anymore.  However, now I am sporting two cool looking stitches that DO itch.  ARG!!  ha ha ha!!

Needless to say, I was pretty wiped out after Friday and we kept going the rest of the weekend.  I am just now starting to feel like I am recovered from the weekend. 

Thus explains the slight silence of the last few days.  I hope to give you a glimpse into our very bare and work in progress nursery sometime soon.