Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Years

Happy Anniversary to the man I love most... my Husband!

Today we celebrate two years!  It's hard to imagine that it's been two years.  Is it possible?  Indeed.  We have faced a lot together and look forward to what the Lord has in store for us in the years to come.  It's a significant milestone in a variety of ways.  If you know some of our background you would know why.  If you are curious about it, you can e-mail me and I can fill you in on some of our story.  Through everything we have seen the Lord and His goodness.  His love does endure forever and His faithfulness is sure.  We are in awe of how He brought us together and continues to knit us as one flesh.

We are excited to be celebrating two years together and we have a fun trip planned (which I will have to tell you about after the fact).  It will also probably be out last big "hoorah!" before Little Flower comes along.  We will see, a random trip to California is always a last minute possibility.

My husband is the most kind and caring man I know.  He continually points me to the Lord.  I love that when I get a little crazy he can tell me to take it down a knotch or point out areas where I am growing and areas that probably need some love from the self-control and discipline department.  I appreciate how he is concerned for my well being and prays for our family.  I love that he knows that we will never fully arrive in our understanding of the mystery of the Lord.  He extends grace faster and more authentically than any one I have ever encountered and he accepts it freely from me.  I love that he continues to show me that I am in need of much grace and how to work on continually extending it to others.  We have our quirks, but that makes life fun.  We love to be together and cannot imagine life without the other.  We praise the Lord for His mercy to us in bringing us together despite the pain of the past.

Oh there is so much more that I could say....

We look forward to many more happy years together.  Happy Anniversary, Husband.

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