Thursday, August 21, 2008

Half Way

Today, I am 20-weeks along in this pregnancy.  It's the "official" half-way mark.

It's hard to believe that Little Flower will be here sooner than we think.  In some respects it seems so very far away and that we have been waiting forever.  On the other hand, it's gone by incredibly fast.  There have been some entertaining...well...maybe more along the lines of interesting things that have happened here an there along the way.  I will admit that they are really only entertaining now -- in the midst of the situation, not so much.

Little Flower is moving around quite a bit now.  I say quite a bit because something is more than the previous nothing and I know her movements will only become more intense as the weeks pass.  It's been fun to feel her and yet it is quite an odd first experience, too.  Husband has been able to get her to press back on his hand a few times.  I love to watch his face when he feels for her and when she makes her presence known to him.  Such sweet moments I will for sure treasure in my heart.  I have noticed that she moves the most when I am driving in the car.  Hopefully, that is a sign that she likes the car and not that she has a high disdain for the car.  Goodness, we are commuters...she will just have to get used to it.


  1. Yay! So exciting, Jess! I have a little gift for this precious one and her mommy . . . we'll have to do lunch sometime soon :)

  2. I am LOVING your baby posts. Takes me back to when I first felt each of the boys...a "tickle from the inside" at first. And Dave givng me a bear hug and ben pushing him back. Ah, yes, that look on his face. Now that, ya old Visa card, is priceless.

  3. You bring back dear memories. Thank you for letting us recall the Lord's goodness through your own experience.