Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Wish That I Had My Camera...

Do you ever encounter a moment when you wish that you had your camera out and ready for a particular moment? You know, one of those moments that when you explain it to people they probably will not believe you unless you have photographic proof? Or a moment so funny and entertaining you would like to revisit it time and time again?

Today was one such day...

As I was driving into our subdivision I encountered a most interesting sight. We have a huge lake at the entrance and it currently has about eight ducks that are wintering there and hanging out with our one lone white duck that lives there year round. While driving by I noticed a small cat on walking the edging of the lake. Not too terribly far behind were about six or so of the ducks. The cat would look back every couple of steps or so only to realize that the ducks were closing in on him. It was then that I realized that the ducks were chasing after the cat! The cat soon realized that it was more than he could handle and he dove for the bushes!

I almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard.

Dumb cat.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Wha?

After a delightful lunch with my super fun husband I dropped in on a nearby Walgreen's to pick up a bottle of common oil in order to use it for a not so common use as prescribed by my doctor who has a ton of alternative healing type methods. After I perused the aisles a bit, completely avoiding the packed Hallmark section, I made my way to check out. We made some small talk about how she doesn't like to talk on the paging system and how she forgot to cancel a customer service call to the liquor department moments before I stepped up to the counter.

As I leave she calls out to me, "Happy Thanksgiving!"

Many heard her. She turned chocolate box red.

"I'll have one of those, too!" I replied.

She finally spit out the words, "Have a nice Valentine's Day."

It was rather funny. She has a delightful personality. Maybe that's why she doesn't like talking on the pager system too much.

However, I am thankful that I am married to Matt and that I get spend today with him and every Valentine's Day AND Thanksgiving with him for the rest of my life. He is my delight and love. He is the one that continually points me toward Jesus and I love how we strive together to be a family that is obedient to Him. I am thankful for the blessing of Matt in my life and all the ways he loves me. What a funny little moment that was embarrassing to one person but was a reminder to me that not only should I be thankful for Matt today, but everyday. It's hard to imagine life without him... and sometimes to really remember life before him. It feels like we have known each other forever. It's a wonderful feeling.

I love sweet post-it notes from God, if you could call them that. Moments least expected are ones that impact our whole day and remind us of the great gifts and blessing God bestows on His children.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Favorite Times of Day

It's a rare day that I see the sun rise. But I do enjoy it ever so much when I do get to see it come up over the mountains. It reminds me with each new day that the Lord's mercies are new each day and what a comfort that is to me. This morning I had already been to Chandler and half-way back by the time the sun peaked over the mountains. It was amazing the blazing red, yellow, gold, orange blended together to make a color that could never be replicated. The air was quite chill so as to make steam come off many of the buildings that have been erected on the desert floor. It was an amazing sight to behold and gone in an instant as the rotation of the earth kept us moving in our day. I was blessed this morning to see this extrodinary work of art by our Creator in His Creation as He reminded me again that His mercies are, indeed, new everyday.

I will have to admit that the sun rising (when I am actually awake for it) and the sun setting are two of my favorite times of the day. Because of this I am also very thankful for living in the southwest. While I have seen my fair share of sunrises and sunsets all over the world, the most dramatic have always been here in the southwest. However, in the last year or so I have another time in the day that rivals that of the sunrise and the sunset and that is when Matt comes home from work. He, too, reminds me of God's goodness to me. Forgiveness is always within reach. Love knows no depths and that God's mercies are new every day. These are my favorite times of the day.