Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monday, We Feasted

Nancy Wilson talks about Sabbath Day feasting and it has been an honor to hear her speak about it in person when she and her husband visited our church. One thing that I thought very interesting is that when her family/husband's ministry comes under fire or there is a more intense sense of adversity we are called to celebrate all the more. It's then for that particular Sabbath she "buys a better cut of meat." I loved how she spoke about that.

While Monday was the day after the Lord's Day/Sabbath Day and we were by no means feeling the effects of intense adversity. However, we did celebrate the provision of a new job for Husband. It seems that the Lord continues to confirm the decision to leave his previous position and move on. So, in the words of a very wise Nancy Wilson there was great cause to really celebrate and "buy a better cut of meat."

In an attempt to surprise Husband I bought some steaks at AJ's along with some fingerling potatoes, onion, and mushroom (my husband loves them... me, not so much!) We grilled up the steaks and the potatoes, onion, and mushroom. I enjoyed a salad as well. We had a lot of food which means leftovers! Husband enjoyed an Irish beer that we found at AJ's on Saturday and then he made me a midouri sour. Good times.

So, we celebrated in the goodness of the Lord for His continual provision for our household. What a sweet, sweet time. Made even better by the fact that we also enjoyed our meal on our back patio in the cool spring weather evenings.

Yes, there will be an Ireland update soon. :)


  1. Ah, a wonderful post from my fellow anti-mushroom friend.

  2. I wanna see more pics of your pretty home in your next post :)

  3. post please...it's been a month.

  4. Okay co this is Tony Tapia.
    Just wanted to share the little cute things that my boss has been sharing.
    She asked me the other day what "trailer trash" meant. She thought it was just trash that people who live in trailers throw out.
    I no longer call her Mrs. Roy. She is CHICHI to me because her first name is Chitra. The receptionist calls her Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
    HO HO HO and all that sort of thing is officially dead, She didn't say it this past year.
    Instead of saying See you later, she now says "talk to you" that's it.
    That's it for now. Take care