Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kitchen Hints

I was going through some old cook books and realized that one really could be done away with as several of the recipes included Velveeta and as long as my Husband is head of this household Velveeta shall not pass over the threshold.  ha!  It's a funny and altogether funny story as to why I originally kept said cook book around and then realized it needed disappear.  The story will not be posted here but if inquiring minds want to know I can e-mail it to you.  HA HA!!

While said cook had horrible recipes (minus a few) there were some pages that had "Kitchen Hints" on them.  I read through some and thought I might try them.  Some I had already tried and knew if they worked for me or not.  Others were some that I would never use because I...well...just wouldn't be making the stuff that called for said tip.  I'll post those later.

For now, here are the ones that I know work (for me):

  • To remove the core from a head of lettuce, hit the core end once (hard) against the counter sharply. The core will loosen and pull out easily. (Emphasis mine.  My Papa taught me this one)
  • A slice of soft bread placed in the package of hardened brown sugar will soften it again in a couple of hours.
  • No more tears when peeling onion if you place them in the deep freeze for four or five minutes first.
  • To hasten the ripening of garden tomatoes or avocados, put them in a brown paper bag, close the bag and leave at room temperature for a few days.
  • To determine if an egg is hard boiled, spin it.  If it spins, it is hard boiled; if it wobbles and will not spin it is raw.

These are pretty basic.  However, there are a couple of my own that I have learned that seem to work for me as well that relate to a couple of the items above:

  • Place a piece of bread in your mouth while cutting onions and tears will be kept at bay.  Hold it on your tongue.  Eat the bread when you are done or throw it out.
  • To make cookies soft again, add a slice of bread to container over night.

I have a different take on adding avocados and other fruit to paper bags.  But that will be for another day.

What are some of your favorite kitchen tips?


  1. Remember that Bountiful Basket I was so excited about? (I get my 2nd one tomorrow - yay!) Well, there was this head of red leaf lettuce that was pretty limp when I got it. I washed and separated the leaves and put them in water in a covered plastic container. They "crisped" (is that a word?)back up nicely. I've done this with celery, but I didn't know it worked with lettuce.

  2. I really like the lemon in a bowl of water in the microwave to clean it. Run it for 2-3 minutes and then just wipe away the gunk! So easy!