Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Menu Plan Wednesday

I am not sure what happened last week but we ended up with a couple of meals left over again this week.  I think we had a random weird evening and schedules and last minute freak-outs... so, we brought in Chipotle.  It's vaguely coming back to me now.  We roll with it...

Also, the pork fajitas were SO yummy that we will have them again this week to finish off the last few pieces of pork.  Miss L wasn't a huge fan of some of the veggies but she's persevering in eating what she is served and trying new things.  That's the rule around here.  Mama will not be making individual dinners.

Here's the plan for this week

Baked Chicken w/ Green Chile Sauce over Quinoa, veggies, avocado
Roasted Chicken w/ Veggies
Hot Dogs w/ Mac & Cheese - Miss L keeps asking for it!
Bacon Quiche w/ Zucchini Bread/Muffins (Actual recipe is still up in the air)
Pork fajitas

Sunday is Resurrection Day and we will celebrate with family with a brunch like meal.  I will bring ham, deviled eggs, and maybe rolls.  Mom C will have a breakfast casserole and some other things.  We will probably make some leftovers from the ham for dinner.


  1. I still want this recipe...
    Baked Chicken w/ Green Chile Sauce over Quinoa, veggies, avocado.
    Can you email it to me / link it to me?

  2. D- I didn't know that you wanted it! Basically, I just season up the chicken with salt, pepper, and olive oil and bake it up. I have some green chile sauce from another meal and I just pour it on. On a normal day I would make my own chile sauce but it's a little time intensive for me right now. So, I buy it in a can, add some of my own chopped green chile, canned diced tomatoes, and black beans. For the veggies I usually saute some squash up or look up my recipe for Calabacitas. Throw it all over some Quinoa (or other grain) and top with avocado.