Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Laundry Room

Last week part of FlyLady's challenges were to clean up the laundry room.  We have this partial shelf that was driving me bananas.  Stuff was on there that didn't really belong in a laundry room.  Well, all that stuff has a new home or was tossed.  Everything is looking lovely in there and I know where it all is and what I have.  Novel idea, right?

I wiped the shelf down and wiped my freezer down as well as the washer and dryer.  It made me happy to see them shine.  Because of our hard water here I noticed some deposits on my washer "window" and need to look into how to get that gunk off.

I want to add some fun decorations in there.  There is a definition of laundry piece that I like but I am having a hard time locating the one that I want without having to spend a lot of money.  I saw a DIY project for it but I was SO not interested in all that it entailed.  I am also looking around at some fun vintage laundry signs.



  1. How funny...sometimes I feel like we are in the twilight zone or something with how similar our days/weeks are right now! ha ha! I wasn't following along with FL, but I happened to do a major cleanout and re-org of our laundry room yesterday and it feels so.much.better! And I was able to find things I have been looking for over the past few months. yay!

    As for your little room, I would probably start with adding some color on the walls, but if you aren't into that, then color by adding a curtain to "hide" the shelf could be cute. You could get a cheap spring rod to go between the wall and the dryer and then you can make yourself some new curtains with that new sewing machine you are using. ha ha!I am think kind of like this.

  2. When the two older girls were little they did a lot of cute wooden signs. They were painted with a picture and a small phrase of some sort (e.g "I love you" "Mom, you are my sunshine" etc.). These pieces of wood usually had a wire or something and can be hung up. I got in the habit of always putting them in the laundry area no matter what kind of house we lived in.

    Something you may want to think about is getting some pieces of wood from Home Depot and do some painting with the girls. You can do one with their hand prints etc. Wood is cheap and "M" can buy a long piece and cut it out for you. And as the girls get older you can add to that. This would give you a special project to do with them and a personally decorated laundry room.

    Not sure if all that made sense. I'll have to show you next time you come over.