Thursday, April 14, 2011


When I put Miss A down for the night yesterday evening I braced myself for a long night of little lungs coughing.  I braced myself for 26 inches of baby softness not being able to find comfort or rest.  I waited.

She coughed.  But she was able to rest as.  I was able to rest.  Three of the four people in this family are sick.  I pray Husband stays well.

At 3:00 this morning I heard happy babbles coming across the monitor.  It's 3:00 AM.  Please go back to sleep.  I would generally just leave her and she would eventually go back to sleep.  However, because she has been sick I go to make sure that all is well.  I manage my way to her room in the dark.  She sees me through the crib and smiles.  I pick her up only to discover that she is wet!  She has somehow managed to pee out the back of her diaper which isn't all that wet to begin with.

I had been questioning whether I should have purchased the extra pair of pajamas for the next size up.  Last night made it worth the purchase even if they are a little big.  I clean her up.  I clean up the bed sufficiently until I can get the rest in the wash in the morning (the mattress pad, etc).

Sleep returns.

Upon further observation this morning the wee one may have thrown up during the night.  But she slept.  How weird is that?  Not a sound to be made until 3:00 AM.

As I laid there this morning trying to go back to sleep I was glad that Miss A was granted rest for most of the night.  I was thankful for a wet baby and a mess once rather than not being able to give her little frame rest from the coughing and stuffy nose.

Then I thought, laughingly,

I am thankful for one less bed to change on Friday.  It's already done.


  1. ha ha ha! I love it! I am glad she got rest too...even if you had to change the bed. ;)

  2. That's very sweet. Last night before bed I prayed the Lord for mercy on my frame and asked him to please keep Conrad asleep as long as possible. He slept until 3:45AM. That's 5 hours in a row of sleep for me. The Lord is so gracious to mommies and babies. :-)