Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Habits

I have heard that it takes 30 days to develop a new habit.  I am hoping that is true.  Here are a few things that I am working on this month (but I have been working on them for about a week now).

Taking a shower every day.
Making my bed
Reading my Bible (OT & NT)
A load of laundry each day

Well, it may sound like nothing really to you but let me explain some of them.  As a new mommy I found it hard to find time to take a shower.  And if I did have some time then I totally wanted to do something else.  Now, I just get up before Husband and the girls and get ready. Makes for a more lovely Mama.

From the shower to the rest it all starts to fall into place.  I get dressed and make the bed which is where I read my bible.  I generally follow husband out of the room or just shortly after.  I try to take the load of laundry with me when I leave the room.  I have been able to keep Mt. Washmore at bay this week which has been a blessing to all.

Dishes have always been one of my least favorite things to do along with unloading the dishwasher and dusting.  ha!  I have a knack to just "let them go until morning" and it just becomes an overall pain.  However, I have been working on how I view these duties.  I want them to be a blessing to my family.  The other night I was tempted to just let them go because I was just plain ol' tired.  I looked around.  There really weren't that many.  What got me motivated was that I wanted Husband's coffee cup to be clean and ready to go for the morning.  I looked at the clock... it took me EIGHT minutes to get it all done.  Easy peasy.  I just need to remember the right view.  To the glory of God in all things and blessing my family through the little things.

First week had been great... we'll see how I am doing at the end of April.

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  1. Hey You!! I didn't know you had this new blog until today. Geoff just told me. It's a lovely blog Jessica. I'm very proud of you and your progress.

    In one of your posts, you mentioned something about how you almost always have to start from scratch. I want you to know that that is normal for a lot of people. In our home, almost every time some variable changes (e.g. a child goes from two naps to one, new baby, new school grade, different house, etc. etc.) I almost always need to make adjustments to our schedule, routine, house cleaning, even meals sometimes (depending on the season). I used to feel like things were "broken" when the way I functioned stopped working. Now I know it's just part of growing and changing. Things will work again, they just need to work differently. Hope that makes sense.

    By the way, thanks for helping me with the Practical Saver stuff. It's been a real blessing. By the grace of God I like to think that I can learn from anyone, no matter how old, and no matter what stage of life they are in. So...don't discount yourself and your talents. I know you're a young mom, and I know you are growing in so many way. Thank you for being teachable. And thank you for being willing to help me. :-)