Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Menu Plan Wednesday

It's been awhile since I have done one of these.  Mostly because my menus, in essence, have been fly by the seat of my pants.  Also, the menu was at the mercy of how I was feeling from day to day.  Cooked vegetables are still a nemesis and so there has been a slight suffering nutritionally in that area.  It makes me sad.  So, I am trying to remedy that and kind of just suck it up.

I don't usually put days of the week to go with the meals but this week we are going to because certain meals this week need to go on certain days.  Some are flexible and others are not.  This gets us to the end of the month!  YAHOO!

  • Wednesday - Chicken, Spinach, Alfredo Pockets
  • Thursday - BBQ Chicken & Corn (Crockpot Meal)
  • Friday - Hot Dogs & Veggie Fries (only the girls will be having this, Husband & I are going out to celebrate!)
  • Saturday - Chicken Nuggets, Veggies, Mac & Cheese (Miss A's Birthday Dinner and of course cake)
  • Sunday - Leftovers, Sandwiches (It's a big day for our household and I am pretty sure we will be wiped out!)
  • Monday - Hashbrown Crusted Quiche with Bacon & Biscuits
  • Tuesday - Ham & Cheese Sliders with Veggie Fries
  • Wednesday - Chicken Cordon Bleu (Crockpot), Broccoli, Red Potatoes  

What are you having this week?  I know you want to share your recipes!  FYI:  At least 4 of these meals came from Pinterest.  Thank you!

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