Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Freezer Meals: Update

This month has been full of a variety of changes.  Miss L is now potty trained so we have a few less diapers to change and purchase.  Miss A is in the process of being weaned from formula and the bottle.  So, less formula to purchase for a few months and then a break from washing bottles for a few months.  I have also gone back to cloth diapers on Miss A almost full time so as to build up that part of our budget.  Good times.  We also have an anniversary to celebrate this weekend and a birthday.  So, while I wanted to get more meals in the freezer this month I am satisfied with what we did get done.

I changed "My Chile" to two batches rather than three.  If I get another batch in that's fine.  If not it is SUPER easy to make on a whim.  In my had written notes I had it down to make three trays of Husband's Lasagna.  However, when I transposed them here I had it as two trays.  It worked out that I purchased supplies for three and we just ate one for dinner that night as it was a lot of work along with all the other things we had going on that day.  It was good stuff.  Also, it was nice not to have to cook more after that adventure.

One of my dear friends who is also expecting a baby in a few weeks told me about a deal she found at Costco.  She bought a package of 30 half steam trays that would be used for catering purposes.  Well, wouldn't you know they are the same size as most casserole dishes!  Score.  For 30 trays was just over $6.  They take up a bit more space in the freezer but I love not having to clean up much when using them.  I looked at the individual trays at the grocery store and even on sale they run about $2/tray.  Totally worth the savings even if you don't use them all you can store them away for a potluck or taking a meal to another family.  While these are pretty heavy duty always use a cookie tray when cooking or transporting.  Just in case.  I learned the hard way when taking a meal to a new mama in a lower quality tray.  Oy.

So, here's my list.  Hopefully, more will be crossed off by the end of September.  I post this now because I know that more will not be done by the end of this month with another full weekend ahead of us.  I have found some more sites with yummy meals.  More may be added to this list.

Husband's Lasagna x 2
Italian Meatloaf x 2
My Chile x 2
Veggie Chile x 3
Ren's Chocolate Muffins x 2 (has good stuff like pumpkin, flax, etc -- it's not ALL sugar)
Chicken Pot Pie x 2
Fiesta Chicken x 2
Fiesta Chicken (Green Version) x 2
Spaghetti Sauce x 3 or 4
Spinach & Artichoke Mac & Cheese x 2
Green Chile Enchiladas x 3 (or more at the request of Husband)
Spaghetti Pizza x 2
Turkey & Vegetable Meatloaf x 2
Meatballs (not sure how many yet)
Brown Bag Burritos x 1 (makes 20-ish)
Chicken Spaghetti (Pioneer Woman) x 2
Pulled Pork x 1 (more if meat comes on sale again)
Breakfast Burritos x 1 (will probably make more - cranks out about 16)
Chicken & Rice (Quinoa) Burritos x 1 (makes about 8?)
Baked Ziti x 2
BBQ Beef & Bean Corn Bread Casserole x 2
Bacon, Egg, Cheese Biscuit Cups x 1
Ham & Cheese Pockets x 1
Sausage Biscuits x 1
Twice Cooked Mashed Potatoes x 2
Cranberry Chicken x 2
Broccoli & Cheddar Soup x 2
Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken x 2
Lactation Cookies x LOTS!

From Costco:
Ravioli (will probably give us three meals)
Fish (will probably make fish tacos a few times)
Chicken nuggets (easy lunch for the girls)


  1. would you share the recipe for the chocolate muffins?

  2. I'll be posting it on here when I make them but if you want to check it out you can find it here --