Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sugar and Spice...

...and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of!

We found out on Friday that our little bundle of joy would be all wrapped in pink when we meet her sometime in early January.  Yes, folks we are having a girl!

Friday was kind of a funny day in many aspects.  The night before I was fully prepared to make us breakfast while I gulped down the "required" 32-ounces of fluid they say you should consume before having the ultrasound.  I think it's someones sick joke at times to torture pregnant women!  ha ha!!  Anyway, Friday morning I asked Husband if we could go out to one of my new favorite little places in town instead.  He agreed and it was there that I downed as much tea and water as I possibly could (along with a yummy omelet).

We were excited about the possibility of finding out if we were having a boy or a girl but at only 16-weeks we were a little skeptical at first as to if it would be entirely too early to tell.  In reality, I was just glad to get a little glimpse inside to make sure baby was just doing well in general.  I cannot feel her yet so there are times when one wonders if anything is really going on in there.  At the beginning of the ultrasound I was just amazed at how much she had grown in the last few weeks (and kept referring to her as "he.")  We could see all of her little bones, stomach, kidneys, measure her femur, estimate her weight (6 oz.), and so much more.  It was amazing!  Then came time to see if they could see the "defining" anatomy.  Her little foot was in the way but the tech was able to maneuver her around a bit and discover that a Little Flower would be joining our family!

We were a bit surprised...excited of course...but a tad in shock.  You see, we were pretty convinced, along with most of our friends and family, that we were having a boy!  So many things that I read and just kind of "felt" - turns out I was the exception to many rules.  I laughed when the tech said it was a girl.  For those of you that know me, I have a belly laugh so it made it hard for the tech for a few moments as my belly bounced with excitement and surprise.  Matt and I opted to try and register for some things after the appointment.  I especially wanted to look for girl's bedding because I alreadyhad a boy's room all picked out and not a lick of an idea for a girl's room.  Thankfully, that was pretty easy to find something that we both liked - girly but not over the top... I don't think!

Little Flower has already received some toys from Grandma and Grandpa as well as her first little pink dress for next spring/summer from some loving friends.  Her room has quite a bit of green in it with yellow and pink accents.  Husband wondered if there would be enough pink.  I told him to wait until he sees all of her clothes... she will be enough of a pink accent for sure!  Arizona Grandpa and Grandma are going to help Husband paint in a couple of weeks.  Then we will assemble the crib so I can see what furniture we still need to get and what will be the most practical.

I am starting to get pretty excited about all the pretty little girl things we get to buy!  But trying not to over-do it where everything is pink where we couldn't use some things should we have a boy down the road.

It's been fun for sure!

**We've not been overly excited about some of the photos that the tech has been sending home with us.  The photo's she gives to the doctor are really great!  And we really seem to like the "regular" shots rather than the 3D shots.  Such is life.  We are thankful that we recorded this last ultrasound on our digital camera, as it has the best shots for sure!


  1. Aw, look at that lil princess in there! Praise God.

    I think one thing every Mama should be pampered with is a super comfy glider with an ottoman to rest your feet :)

  2. Well, we are looking into that very thing indeed. We are looking as to how it may fit in the room or even eventually our living room. I found one that I think that I really, Really, REALLY like but it is a bit pricey for sure. So, I need to go test some more out -- which will be easier once we know how we are on space.

  3. Yeah!!!! I'm so excited for you! How fun! There are such sweet things for little girls! We will continue to pray for health for you and your daughter. :-)

  4. Hurray for little girls! We will be unloading all our baby stuff in the near future, so if you are in the market for anything, let me know and I'll send it to you or something! :) Blessings to you all!

  5. Yea, Jessica. You know, I am so surrounded by boys all the time, that I just assumed you'd have a boy, too! Congratulations! We're still using several of the pieces of furniture I bought for Ben....his crib turned into a toddler bed (which Levi is in), and it will turn into a twin or full sized head/footboard, too...which we'll use next summer when Ben gets his own room. Have a fun time! Love ya!

  6. Congrats! It is fun to hear that you are having a girl, and honestly, as you talk about the heat I cannot even imagine being in the middle of pregnancy. You get respect from me. Hang in there! It is fun to follow your blog as you await the birth of your daughter. Can't wait!

    Love ya,

  7. Jessica, I am so ecited to hear about Lily Grace. How precious :0) Enjoy being pregnant as I did. It is truly one of God's most wonderful pleasures and blessings to have and carry His child and to bring new life into the World. You are all in my prayers. now I think I missed your due date...when is it? i can not wait to see you. I will be unable to see you when you come to the Branch, as I will have just had my surgery in Denver. But i will wait...patiently, ha ha to see the new baby girl and her glowing parents when you come to NM after her birth sometime. keep me posted. Congrats!!! Gentle hugs, love, Joleen Baughman