Monday, July 7, 2008

Fruits of Summer

Have you recently walked into your local grocery store or farmers market only to be overwhelmed by the most luscious scent ever?  Well, if not you should march yourself on down to your favorite place to purchase produce and partake in the goodness of fruit now available.  In a couple of different stores I have had the great olfactory experience of fresh and delightfully ripe peaches waiting consumption.  WOW.  It's amazing.  I really just want to sit in the store all day.  I now envy the store greeter's job as he gets to stand there all day as the aroma wafts over him as the doors slide open and closed.  Sigh. 

I think this is quite amazing for a pregnant woman to go ga-ga over any type of food!  I would have added pictures of the peaches but they are long since gone.  And really, pictures don't make up for the really smell of it all.  Just go down to the store and find out for yourself.

In other fruit news... when I moved here after our wedding there was a lot that I would need to adjust to experiencing.  I still have a hard time that I am actually seeing palm trees and cactus in the same landscape, however, it is becoming more of the norm for me.  The other thing was the abundance of fruit that Arizona produces.  Many folks have no need for the produce section at the local grocery but rather just pop out back to harvest limes, oranges, grapefruit, plums, pomegranates, one family I know has grapes, and I am sure there is a plethora or other things that I am forgetting.  My sweet mother-in-law has a plum tree that just would not quit!  She had more than she really knew what to do with.  However, in her resourcefulness she made plum jelly.  Yes, another WOW moment.  Delicious!  Plus, it's SO very red!  She was impressed with the color that I am sure someone would of thought she added coloring.  But no, it's all natural.  Yet another project that I hope she will teach me in the future.

So, while it's incredibly hot here (although the monsoons have arrived early!) there is still plenty to do and enjoy!

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