Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Elusive Game

For my 29th birthday (back in March) my family took me bowling, per my request.  We had a great time.  I have horrible form and it usually takes me awhile to warm up and actually do fairly well.  However, I really like to bowl.  I just think it's fun.  Plus, I really appreciate now that, depending on what city you are in, bowling alleys these days are smoke free.

Several weeks after that fun day Husband and I were heading over to his parents house after church.  We called to let them know we had to pick some things up before we got there and we would be a bit late.  My father-in-law told us that there was something on the porch for me.  Of course, this piqued both of our interests.  As we drove up to the house we craned our necks to see what it was.  (Later we would find out that my father-in-law watched as we pulled up and found our curiosity quite funny.)  When we walked up to the door we found this bowling pin which I thought was hilarious in and of itself.

The note attached read as follows:

This bowling pin is to commemorate the 1st celebration of your 29th birthday - and to keep before you the elusive goal of a 300 game.

I think it is just so stinkin' funny because my elusive goal is even a 200 game!  ha ha!!  So, on my desk sits this beat up bowling pin and it always makes me smile.  And yet, we still have yet to go bowling again! 

Soon, soon....


  1. Man, if I could hit 200, I'd be really happy. Heck, I'd even be happy with 150.

    So I guess I know what we're going to do next time you and Matt come visit?

  2. ok seriously... I would be over the moon with 60! I guess this means our children won't go pro, ha!

  3. Bowling is one of my favorite things to do!! I think my highest is just about 250. I get too competitive though, which isn't good for others who play with me. :)

  4. A- I remember it's one of your favorite things to do and that you are really very good at it! I know you have your own ball... did you have your own shoes, too? I couldn't remember. Have you and J been bowing much?

  5. Just my own ball...I have a pair of shoes picked out, but have never actually purchased them. :( We have not been bowling in awhile. We have talked about it, but never actually made it to the alley. Maybe soon.