Saturday, March 26, 2011

My New Obsession

A couple of years ago (my friends will attest) my obsession was cloth diapers.  Loved cloth  Always wanted more or was trying to see what the next things coming out was.  We still use cloth from time to time, I love the diapers.  I am just not as freakishly-obsessed.  The industry is flooded and I am convinced they will continue to become more and more popular.  That's another post for another day.

While my husband didn't mind my cloth diaper obsession he wasn't a huge fan.  However, he is really starting to love my new obsession but loves to tease me just the same when I get really excited.

So, what is it already?


But coupons are just paper unless you can match them with really great deals.  Then they become money in your pocket.  I'll be sad when the "double-coupon" days disappear after awhile.  They always come back but shopping is just not as fun as when great sales and great coupons are in play.

I just returned from a coupon class here in Phoenix.  It was presented by Practical Saver for those of you here in Arizona.  But there are similar services available nation wide, like Coupon Sense.  Let me say that I was super opposed to using coupons because I never thought they made much of a difference.  When matched up with great sales they are budget altering!

One day I realized things needed to change.  I wasn't sure how it would change but I knew it needed to change.  Some months as I would sit down with Husband to go over finances I would realize I went over budget by $5.  No biggie, right?  But some months it would be $100 or more.  I would cry in apology and promise to get better at it.  Some months were great.  Some months I felt like I had made no progress and had actually regressed.  UGH!  I was convicted in this area of my home management.  I needed to be a better steward.  I talked with several more seasoned wives who were also mothers of quite a few more children than myself.  One told me about Practical Saver and I was at the point of trying anything at least once.  My life has been changed.  Lately we have been coming in at or under budget!!  It's becoming more like a game for me and I am sure some day it will drive my little Princesses crazy.  On the flip side, I hope they learn a lot from this so when they are managing their own homes they will know how to shop the sales.

Yes, I pay someone to do the leg work for me but with the stage in life that I am in I think it is more than justified.  It's not all that much and it has more than paid for itself.  Multiple. Times. Over.  I cannot even begin to tell you.

I am not perfect at this by any means and I am still learning.  Although, I am getting pretty good at this and find that we have plenty.  We even have a box set up for the food bank.  It is such a blessing to be able to extend our food budget to others in need.

Maybe as I move through this and learn I will share with you all what's going on behind the scene's -- since I am kind of doing this for my girls, too.

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