Friday, March 25, 2011

Learning to "Fly" Again

Before we moved and before Miss A was even on the radar I had started to "flutter" with the Fly Lady way of cleaning.  It just made sense to me after trying a variety of other methods.  I had been hesitant to try Fly Lady in the beginning but that is a whole other story.

While I have not been "flying" with Fly Lady for quite some time I know it's time to jump on board again.  I was looking through some of the e-mails that I still get from her and they are working on decluttering as the theme of the month.  Oh, man... I needed to see that!  I also happened to read...

"You can't clean until you get rid of the clutter."

So true!  The zone that they are working in this week is the Master Bedroom. That's where I jumped in this week.  I am getting rid of the clutter in the bedroom.  I want it to be a place of peace for me and my Husband.  There are a few things to take care of here and there but already it looks SO much better.  Even a box that has been sitting in there untouched for over nine months was sorted and thrown out!  It feels so much lighter in there!  Plus, nothing feels better than a clean pair of sheets.  YAY!!

I think that I will just declutter each room as we go along and start there.  There are a few habits that I struggle with in Fly Lady but I think I can work on that.  ha ha ha!!

I like that Fly Lady says, "You are not behind!  Just start where you are."

What a relief.  It helps me have some grace but encouraging to get going and start figuring it out.

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  1. YEAH! A system, some encouragement, and a room already falling into shape. LOVE THAT!