Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's rather odd that I had major surgery 7 weeks ago and I still have some numbness in my abdomen area.

It's true.

I went for my final check-up and told them about this tingly, numb, weird feeling.  I told them that it wasn't on my incision but near there and doesn't seem to radiate as far out as it had before.  The doctor then told me that the numbing medicine can linger in the body for weeks and that was most likely the issue.



  1. My surgery (same incision) was 10 years ago and I had zero feeling at the incision and surrounding area for years. In addition, three years after cutting a chunk of my finger completely off, I still have numbed sensation there too.


  2. That happened to me too, near my incision with my first daughter (only c-section). The other thing that happened to me is that the needle for the epidural knicked some nerve ending and my left shin was numb for about a year afterwards!