Friday, January 16, 2009

Elastic Girl

In the months leading up to the delivery of my sweet daughter I was a little apprehensive about the dreaded stretch marks.  I had horrid thoughts of what they may do and what they may look like.  I bought the lotion that comes recommended... but for whatever reason I did not use it as I should.

So, I was quite surprised that as I was heading to hospital to meet this little blessing there were still no stretch marks to be seen.  That is, except for the vague leftovers that I acquired on my hips when I was in middle school and I grew 4 inches in 9 months.  Yes, I was quite excited that I would be making it through this pregnancy without any stretch marks.

Then I looked in the mirror...

When I returned home from having a c-section where they rip you open and move things around in a fashion that I am sure no body part is ever really prepared for I noticed some newly acquired stretch marks.  If you were to ask my sweet husband who watched it all he would also put the emphasis on them STRETCHING me in ways that he was sure would penetrate the spinal I had (It didn't).  

After 8 months of trying to avoid the little beasts they were applied to my tummy in less than 30 minutes.

Sigh.  I will opt to try to think of them as a badge of honor of sorts. ha!

More musings on pregnancy, delivery, and life with a new born to come.


  1. Yes, you are now in The Club. All that is required is battle wounds of one sort or another from carrying The Most Precious Cargo. Acceptable wounds include physical stretch marks, a few extra baby pounds, labor-induced trama wounds (more psychological, perhaps than physical) and the like. Can't wait for your musings! It is very nice to remember those years of baby-ness without having to have another baby -- BTDT in this womb!

  2. Alane's right. You're in the club, and our jackets are really cute! ;) I too thought I escaped, as I never saw any with number 1. Until, that is, I happened to be using a friend's bathroom and caught a glimpse of the underside of my Hindenburg sized belly which I hadn't seen in months. Yeah baby - I looked like mapquest. Battle scars, badges of courage. And you've earned every single one.