Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Girl

Yes, a brief return to the blog world.  I am not sure how long this will last or how often it will be.  But here is a return as we strive to establish our new "normal."

                              dscn1408                       On December 11th, our Little Flower made her debut.  Were we ready?  By no means!  We were not expecting her to arrive for another 4 weeks.  But she was quite ready and didn't want to miss Christmas.  My water broke at 4:30 AM and when I realized what was happening I knew there was no tuning back.  They can stop contractions but they can't put that "water" back!  We made it to the hospital around 6:00 AM and by 8:00 AM we had our little girl in our arms.  Wow.  She came via "emergency" c-section as she was in a breech presentation.  The irony in it all was that the next day we had an appointment to talk about our options for tuning her.  Yeah, so much for that!  All in all, things went well and I am no longer afraid of the epidural or spinal needle.  I am pretty sure that when baby two comes along (hopefully, naturally) I will be signing up for the epidural.  The contractions I had were becoming not so fun... ha ha ha!!

I had pondered the season in which I was pregnant.  I thought about the arrival of Jesus and the trek that Mary and Joseph made.  I was pretty sure that I would not have been so keen about jumping on a donkey for a long journey.  Goodness, I was uncomfortable on a two hour car ride to Prescott the day after Thanksgiving.  I appreciated Mary's willing heart and submissiveness to the Lord.  There were deeper pondering of  my heart but I think that many of them will stay there for now.

It's hard to believe that Little Flower has already been with us a month!  She has a fun little personality (when she's awake) and we just enjoy getting to know her.  For sure there is a lot to learn and we are thankful for the grace and the learning curve.  We have never been so tired and deliriously happy all at the same time.

Little Flower arrived just  a few hours before her cousin (another girl) out in Missouri.  How fun to share the same birthday!!


  1. She's so sweet! One of these days I'd love to meet her in person! Congratulations, Jessica & Matt!

  2. Seriously, a song should be written in praise of stretch marks! They should rank right up there with the gray hair we're always trying to cover. I do hope you always cherish yours and look upon them for the gift that they are.