Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So there I was...

...just laying on the fairly comfortable acupuncture table enjoying yet another blissful nap-time.  Actually, I was pretty thankful that I was falling asleep as that had not happened there in awhile.  My doctor had already come in to "stimulate" the needles at the half way mark - about 30 minutes into the treatment.  As a side note the treatments have been quite beneficial to me in helping my body heal and now in helping to sustain the pregnancy.  I think it works but one has to look away from much of the hooey-philosophy that can go with it which my doctor does.  She just pokes ya.  :)

Anyway... I digress....

My internal clock usually knows when my doctor will return to take the needles out.  I woke up and waited patiently for her to return.  It was taking a little longer than usual and it seemed a little quieter than usual.  Although, it can be hard to tell because I usually have the appointment that backs right up to their lunch hour.  I lifted my head to look at the clock, although in the past I have noticed that the clocks are not always correct, and it said 12:13 PM.  I am usually out of there by noon.  So, I concluded that the clock was wrong and I waited a little more.  I think I waited until the "wrong" clock said 12:36 PM and I thought to myself, "I'm done!"  Plus, I reallyneeded to make a trip to the little girls room.  I sat up and took out all of my needles - not as dramatic as it sounds.  And walked out of the room.  I looked at my cell phone and it WAS indeed 12:39 PM.  WHOA!  I got to the counter and said with a kind of a funny grin, "I think I was forgotten."  The looks on the techs faces was priceless!!  They mentioned that they just said that they were bummed that they didn't see me leave and how I usually stop and talk to them on the way out.  They were getting ready to check to see if I had rescheduled but got distracted by ringing phones.  Apparently, this has NEVER happened before!  I had to kind of laugh about it, really.  I wasn't late to anything and no one was worse for the ware - except maybe my doctor when she found out what happened.  I made my next appointment for next week and walked out the door.

Later in the afternoon, I got a phone call.  Actually, when the phone rang I was pretty sure it was my doctor (who is also now our chiropractor.)  Sure enough!  She apologized profusely and said that this had never happened in her 12 years of practice.  She said it was always a fear of hers and that she has doctor friends in which it HAS happened.  I told her all was forgiven, that I was glad that it wasn't an evening appointment (so I wasn't locked in the building), and that I had even rescheduled to come back and see her.  I would still highly recommend her to anyone. :)

So, I guess there is always a first time for anything.


  1. Hehehe that's pretty funny. When you first mentioned about being forgotten, I thought it was Matt who forgot to pick you up! That would've been priceless too!

  2. Oh, that would have been horrible if my sweet husband had forgotten me! And if that had ever been the case, I don't think I would have blogged about it. :)