Saturday, June 7, 2008

Photos at 8 Weeks

Baby Caughey 8 WeeksWe had our 8-week ultrasound... a little over a week ago.  And I am JUST now getting the photos up.  It was a funny time as I had to go to the bathroom and my sweet, curious, and high-tech husband started chatting up the tech to see what kind of photos we could bring home.  He inquired about video and other such fun stuff.  In the meantime he even managed to HELP the tech with her computer.  What a guy.  In the end we were able to take a CD home with several pictures on it and they will be able to add more to it as the months pass.  As of right now our next ultrasound is going to be around the 18-20 week mark and that is when we are going to find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  We are excited!!  We forgot to take a video camera with us this time so we could record the heart beating.  Hopefully, we will remember to slip that in my purse for the next appointment.

The photo above is of our wee one's profile.  The empty looking circle at the top is the yolk sac that is sustaining the baby until the placenta is fully developed.  Below the sac is the head taking shape, then it's tummy, and then legs that seem more like fins at this point.  However, at the writing of this post the baby has grown and developed quite a bit over the last week.  The arms and legs are more distinct as is his/her head.  The "tail" is gone and all looks more human rather than like a little seahorse or manatee. (We only know this because we saw an ultrasound photo of a baby at 9 1/2 weeks while we were there :) )  The heart beat was a strong 169 BPM and it was fun to be able to hear it better this time around.

 We were surprised to see that we would also see our baby in 3D this time around.  In this photo we are seeing the baby from the top.  You can see his/her little head and it's arms and still somewhat webbed hands in from of him/her.  What was also really neat about this appointment was that we also got to see Baby move around a bit although he/she is still much to small for me to feel.  Baby measured about an inch big at this appointment.  We also got to see Baby's little eye which we won't get to see again until after the 27-week mark because the eye lids are now fused shut.  It's quite wondrous all the things that are going on and how much the development can really take out of the mother!  HA HA!!  It's getting better day by day, for sure.  I am thankful that I am not as sick as some but I am thankful that I am experiencing some symptoms as it comforts me to know that Baby is still doing well and developing. 

I am sleeping pretty well for the most part - minus the fairly frequent trips to the bathroom.  My dreams are a bit more strange and vivid, although they seem to be calming down these days.  The biggest problem is trying to get and stay comfortable.  That will not be getting better any time soon!  HA HA!


  1. Yeah, you think you're uncomfortable now! Just wait :) Love these pics of that lil sweetie pie doing tumbles inside. What joy!

  2. Hey there! Glad to know baby & momma are doing well. Still keeping you all in our prayers! We're so excited for you!

  3. Yay! What a lil cutie!!!