Monday, June 2, 2008

A Long Pause...

It's amazing how fast time goes by these days.  I think to myself, "I have several things to post about and I should be able to get them done soon... maybe even today."  And then about 12 days roll by and you are pretty sure you just had that "self conversation" just yesterday.

I have been behind in some other areas these last few days as the schedule as been a bit fumbled here and there for a variety of reasons.  Then I can have the best intentions to get certain things done and the pregnancy sleepies take over.  It's amazing how tired one can be these first few weeks.  However, when I see how much the little one grows each week I am then not so surprised that I am just wiped out at times.

I have been feeling pretty well for the most part.  No, I don't hang out with the toilet at all.  But when I feel nauseated it's because I am tired or I need to eat.  And what I really like to eat these days are chicken nuggets and chicken strips.  It's odd to me.  Oh well.  My dessert at night are usually berry flavored Tums.  All this could be worse, I have been told.  So, I am thankful that have what I have and that the baby seems to be doing well so far.

With all that to say, I think we can say that there will be more posts in the near future.  Goodness, we even have a new ultrasound to share with you all.  I just wanted to let you know that I am still here and it's still worth checking in from time to time.

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  1. Ah, berry flavored Tums, I remember those days! :) I was always starving in the morning and kept a bowl of dry cereal on my nightstand. That seemed to help with the queasies. Glad to know you're still alive.