Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day

I have been wanting to post this but am just getting around to it right now!  Husband had been working on a covert project with the girls for about a week out in the garage.  Finally, I got see the final product.  A sweet flower pot with the hand prints of both of my little girls!  So precious.  Each time that Miss L sees it she talks about Daddy putting her hand in paint and the Grandma helped, too.  Then she talks about how Miss A had paint on her hand.  Such a cute story.

I love that my husband did such a fun thing with them for Mother's Day.  Love.  LOVE.

Later in the morning we had a bit of an incident when, in short, Miss L fell, broke a dish, got cut, and created a bit of drama the rest of the morning.  It's a moment to laugh about now.  But it was part of Mother's Day just the same.  It's the first time that I have had a dish break since having kids.  I was hoping the streak would last.  HA!  So, we live, we learn, and move on.  Miss L was perfectly fine and full of energy and laughs when we returned from church.  However, she was quick to show people her "ouch."

I hope all the other mommas had a lovely, memorable day!


  1. What a precious Mother's Day memory. And it's so cool that you have a blog to save and share these memories. I wish blogging would've been around when my older kids were little. I was terrible about writing stuff in their baby books.