Monday, March 2, 2009

Gypsy Mama


Okay, so that is NOT my new nick name as most of you know it totally wouldn't fit.  However, it IS the name of the new wrap that I purchased to carry Little Flower around.  Can we say, "OH SO COMFY?!"

I have a Maya Wrap padded ring sling.  It works pretty well but I think that it will be better when Little Flower is a bit bigger.  However the Gypsy Mama is super versatile at a variety of stages.  Mine is a stretch which is basically made of a super light weight t-shirt material which is ideal for the hot weather.  There is a model called the "breeze" made of  a gauze material which is more breathable.  I chose the stretch one because as a new "wrapper" it is more forgiving if I mess up.

I love this wrap and so does Little Flower.  She falls asleep pretty fast and it is great when I am going through the grocery stores.  I can get quite a bit done with her in it as well.  It will also be handy when she gets sick and needs to be held and walking the hall is the only thing that soothes.  Thankfully, we have avoided sickness altogether so far.  I have other friends that have some wraps that they may let me try some different types as she gets bigger.  Fun times.  Wraps and slings tend to be a bit better ergonomically for babies than the traditional carrier.  Nothing wrong with it and we actually have one, too.  I will say that the wraps are much more comfortable for me and for Little Flower, too.

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