Friday, November 2, 2007

Soup Day

Thursday's during the wonderful season of autumn will be "Soup Day." Well, with the exception of Thanksgiving, of course. I don't think a Turkey Chili or other soup variation would go over very well with family and guests. Ha!

(And, yes, I realize that this post is coming on a FRIDAY and not really on Soup Day)

Anyway, it has been my goal to try to find some new things to make along the soup genre of food as well as pull out some ol ' favorites. When I started this whole adventure (two weeks ago) we started off with chili which is a favorite around here. It's just yummy with its beef, two- or three- bean mixture, spices, and corn. Sometimes we will have it over Frito's which adds a really yummy crunch... but not always so good for us. I saw a friend have it over rice one time so we tried that. We liked it and will probably eat it that way again. However, we did miss the "crunch!"

Last week, I made a wonderfully delicious soup called Cadillo which I read was a Northern New Mexican meal. Maybe so. It represented some what of a stew to me but not quite a REAL stew. It had green chile in it and that was enough to get a two thumbs up from me and my husband. We made it with a beef base, ground beef, green chile, spices, and some potato. Yum.

This week was delectable! I decided to try something that I don't think I have done before. Sometimes I shy away from cream-type soups because I am always afraid of scorching the milk and having a disaster on my hands. My husband, being the encourager that he is, always says "Go ahead, try something new. If it all goes south we can go get some wings." So, knowing that, I went for it and I am so glad that I did!! On top of that I decided to get a little fancy and opted to make my own bread bowls. They were so good!! The soup was called Baked Potato Soup which was one of Cooking Light's all-time best recipes for soup. It requires, go figure, for the potatoes to be baked and then add things that would be on a baked potato like bacon bits, cheese, green onion or chives, and some sour cream. I found a wonderful recipe for a bread bowl. It was called Italian Herbed Bread. I modified it by adding some garlic powder to the already included Italian seasonings and then threw in some rosemary for sass. Then I adjusted the baking to my bread bowl needs. Wow. The house smelled great and our mouths rejoiced in the wonderment of such savory flavors. I think that this soup will be a yearly tradition. And I am sure that the bread will make appearances here and there with other meals. Maybe someday again as a soup bowl.

Next week, I think that I am going to try making my friend Amanda's new creation, Spicy Chicken Chickpea Soup. Intriguing, I know. Especially since one of the ingredients is peanut butter!

I look forward to Thursday's and my adventures in soup making. Fun times.

**It's becoming a fascination of taking photos of the culinary creations that come from the kitchen. I almost forgot to take a photo with the green onions but the top photo developed better, I thought... so, I had to add both.

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  1. I love bread bowls! I also dig the alliteration, and the use of "sass." You should work that in to every post, haha.