Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What Happens When You Try To Do The Right Thing

Last Friday, I went to a local grocery store to pick up candy that could be placed on the tables of our Fall Festival on Saturday. Yes, the hopes of adding sugar to bouncing children seemed like a good idea at the time (HA!) and it might add some dimension to the tables. It turns out the tables didn't need any artificial sweeteners to make them look lovely so I stashed my treasure only to return them to said local store on Monday afternoon.

Upon my arrival at the "Guest Services" desk I was greeted by a friendly young woman who began to work on my transaction. She was a little perplexed at my returning such a large amount of candy, what with Halloween a couple of days away (at the time), but she started scanning and typing away. She handed me my receipt and said that $15.66 had been credited back to my credit card. I thought that the number seemed high as I had gone in on Friday with a number that I did not want to exceed and I was pretty sure this exceeded that number. So, as I walked away I pulled my cart over (I had other grocery business to attend to as well) and looked at the papers the young lady had given me. Sure enough! On Friday, I purchased $11.56 worth of candy and now the store just gave me a $15.66 credit instead! I turned my cart around and stood back in line. The young lady was working with someone else and her manager (I think) then calls me over and asks how she could help me. I explain the situation, she gets a slightly annoyed look on her face, and then tells me not to worry about it! WHAT?!?! She then says she will tell the girl about it and for me not to worry. As I try to tell her that I can wait to have it fixed she still tells me not to worry about the problem and to basically have a nice day. Flabbergasted is one word to describe what I was feeling at that very moment.

Now I wonder if it will be adjusted back to the $11.56 (I hope so!) or if it will be a $4.00 bonus for us?

It seems like people are surprised when you try to do the right thing, especially when the error is in your favor. As a people of God we are called to a higher standard and that means honesty in dealings with family, friends, and businesses. It seems like some people are so used to being "ripped-off" these days that they would rather not take the few extra steps to right the wrong. What is this world coming to?

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