Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Doing the Right Thing: An Update

A few days ago I mentioned a local grocery store in which I tried to rectify what I thought to be a significant accounting error. (About a $4 difference) We found out, indeed, that they did credit us the $15.66 instead of the original $11.56. Sigh.

Yesterday, the SAME store bestowed a free bag of ice upon us. An interesting story of telling the cashier I needed ice, we talked about how I was already buying my turkey for Thanksgiving, and then she told me the total for all of my purchases. I asked again if that included the ice. Friendly cashier then said, "No, but don't worry about it... just go grab a bag." I was a little bewildered... again. I asked, "Are you sure?" Because we could just run another transaction, right? But no, she insisted. I was tired and said, "Okay." I had to run back to the store later and grab a couple of things there and I thought to just pay for it then but it slipped my mind.

Maybe the next time....

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