Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This Is The Day

When you saw the title did the song go running through your head?

Several months ago when this song would be stuck in my head because we generally sing it at the preschool co-op that we attend it would drive me utterly bananas. BA.NA.NAS.  Miss L generally wants to sing it and Miss A grasps that when we sing this song we clap along.  To say the least, it is sung often around here.  I know that it is Scriptural and all...  but the repetition was wearing on me.  I think the Lord knew that I would need the repetition... learn something.

The song now has a deep and sentimental meaning to me.  The Lord used the preschool song to minister to my heart during a time when I needed to be reminded that He was really in control.

When I was finally able to hold Miss S for the first time in the NICU the nurse said to make sure to talk to her about whatever or to sing to her.  We like to sing around here.  My husband is a wonderful singer... I, on the other hand, have a hard time carrying a tune on a silver plate.  But that doesn't generally stop me and I do have my moments of actually singing well.  Anyway.  Sing?  The first thing that came to mind was, This is the Day.  So, I started singing it to her and realized the deep theology (and extravagant LOVE) that was being imparted to me at that moment.  I choked through the rest of the words as I realized my own personal struggles with the current situation this was indeed the day that the Lord had made, had given to me, and I would rejoice in Him, that my baby was alive... I would choose to be glad.

That became our mantra of sorts.  I sang that song each morning that I came in to see Miss S and it really helped me to gain perspective on the day.  Our pastor came to visit one afternoon and I shared with him how the Lord had used this simple song to show Himself to me.  It felt childish in some way but so very significant in another.  You know... I was okay with that.

I realized the other day that I had stopped singing this song to Miss S when we got home.  I shall have to remedy that.


  1. Oh do keep singing that to her! And as far as repetition, let me encourage you that there is a godly form of repetition that our Lord loves. Remember Psalm 136, 26 verses proclaiming "for his steadfast love endures forever."

    Enjoy your daughters and keep telling them that Jesus' love endures forever.

  2. I love this, Jessica. And, I'm glad to know that your hubby is a good singer...he may be getting some kind of recruiting letter in the future...

  3. Jessica congrats on your new addition. Because of my newish addition I hadn't looked at your blog in a while so I was happily surprised to find you have a new baby! You are such a good mama....just reading through your posts I am inspired. I am staying home also with my little man, and I have to admit I have shed a few tears from being overwhelmed... I feel like I want to be supermom and superwife, but sometimes it's hard. I find somedays I rock it while others I wonder when the tornado ripped through the living room. Mostly I am just loving my baby and I feel that's most important. Congrats again ;o)