Thursday, July 7, 2011


Confession time.

I have some OLD spice in my spice rack.  I think I have a hard time with "wasting" them and throwing them away.


The reality is the fact that they are old is a waste and does nothing to help me in seasoning my food with tasteless herbs.  Ultimately, my "no waste" mantra is a waste.  A waste of time and energy to make my food taste good!

I need to go through my stash and toss what I know is waaaaayyyy old -- as in I brought this into our marriage almost five years ago and I am pretty sure I had it for quite some time before that!

I found Still Tasty as a helpful resource.  It addresses all sorts of issues on shelf life including how to and how long to keep spices among other things.

I have a spice rack like the one that is pictured above.  I think that I am going to get rid of it.  While I like that I have a few spices near my stove the heat compromises the integrity of the spices and it takes up room that I could use other wise.  While I love the family that gave it to us for our wedding I found that it's not something that really fits how I want the flow of things anymore.  I think that's okay and sentiment should not hold me in bondage!  HA HA HA!!

I read that the light can compromise spices, too.  So, I like that they will all live in my pantry.  I will need to restock some basic spices.  I have looked around to see what different places suggest as a "basic" spice to have in any spice rack.  I have my own thoughts based on what we use the most.

What are your basic spice rack must haves???


  1. I ditched ours many moves ago for some of the same reasons as yours. I bought a 3-tier spic organizer and lazy susan for the cabinet (don't have a pantry -- yet). The lazy susan isn't ideal, but it is an easy way to store a lot of spices in a small space.

  2. You don't want to know how many spices and herbs I have. I keep them in a cupboard that is not too close to the stove because of the heat. I also keep my yeast in the refrigerator not in the spice cupboard which is what I used to do until a few years ago.

  3. curry!!!! I have drawers that I keep mine in. They all face the same way and fit end to end perfectly, so I just open up a drawer, use what I need and I'm done. It works for me!