Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swim Time!

For awhile now we have wanted to enroll Miss L in swim lessons.  But life happened and we procrastinated until last week.  A swim place opened up about five miles from our new home.  The bonus is that it is an indoor pool so we can go all year long and avoid the desert sun beating down on us.  There is only one other little girl in Miss L's class which is nice.  She is a bit younger than Miss L.  The difference in how they acted in the water was enough to confirm to me that Miss A will start classes when she is six months old.  Yeah, that will be entertaining.  HA!  But I think it will go very well.

This is not to say that Miss L did not do well.  I think given the fact that it was her first structured lesson it went very well.  She has always loved the water.  She loves bath time, playing with a water balloon that Daddy gives her (especially after it breaks), washing her hands, and really anything that involves water.  Her lesson only really kind of started to fall apart when she had to go under water.  She wanted to play, play, play.  She was TOO excited when she saw the pool.  I now know for future reference we need to work on lesson stuff before we play.  It's good lessons for us both.  I'll keep you posted on how Miss L progresses... because I know you all want to know.  Oh, and Miss L cried and waved at the pool when we left.  She did NOT want to leave the pool.  The owners thought it sweet... I thought it funny... and sweet.  

This is really just a funny reflection of me when I was little.  I wanted to swim ALL the time.  Really.  You can even ask my godmother who the lucky one to take me swimming.  She used to have to bribe me with not going swimming if I didn't put my seat belt on.  It worked 100% of the time, I tell you.  However, I was not always a huge fan of bath time.  I would try to convince my dad that because I had gone swimming that day.  Chlorine kills everything, right?  Now as a parent I realize more why we need bath time after swimming!  Plus, the water does something to my skin now that I just feel super hot if I don't take a good shower after swimming. 

Weird, right?

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  1. Thanks for your comment. Baby A, huh? So does that mean she has a name? Our top girl name starts with A, too. Wonder if we've chosen the same :)

    Praying she's not breech!