Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lessons from Lack of an Air Conditioner

Awhile back I posted this article about a Valley couple who vow not to use their air conditioner for a year on Facebook. It's an interesting read to be sure.

This last weekend we noticed that something was sounding a bit off with our air conditioner. We called the repair folks and they were knocking on our door early Monday morning. They told us what part was broken and then said, "it could keep going like this forever. However, it would be good to fix it now." So we made arrangements to have it fixed once the parts would arrive. Little did we know that "forever" would quickly arrive that evening!  Sigh.

The first night we did pretty well and we just stayed under the fans.  This would also be what we all did Tuesday.  Nothing, and I do mean nothing, got done Tuesday.  Move out from the fans and we started to sweat right away.  The high temp in the house was 90-degrees.  What it came down to was how well Lily fared with it all.  She was great... not a whimper... which is more than I can say for her mother.

Here's what I learned:
  1. Ceiling fans are a survival tool in the desert.  I finally get it.
  2. The repair man can never come early enough.
  3. The heat really does permeate EVERYTHING.  My pajamas felt like they had come straight from the dryer and there was no "cool spot" on the bed.  We don't warm Miss L's  bottles and yet they were warm.  The chocolate in the candy bowl melted.
  4. Babies are tougher than we think they are.
  5. My daughter can teach me contentment in a variety of situations.
  6. I am thankful for air conditioner.
  7. I still think the people in the article are a little off kilter.

I am sure there were more things but this is what I really think about right now.  However, the air conditioner is fixed and the house is nice and cool.  It almost seemed cold as it was cooling down.  That's fine.  I'd rather shiver a bit than sweat.  It's true.


  1. You are way more awesome than we! We booked it to a hotel :-). But I can always use the asthma card (when I get sweaty I can have very bad attacks)! That article is wild. I will say the day I spent in our house it was 96 degrees and you are right, nothing gets done. I layed in the coolest room and sprayed water on myself every 15 seconds! I kept thinking that this was one of the very, very few times I was thankful that I didn't have a little one (1. so that they wouldn't be uncomfortable and 2. so I didn't have to get up and tend to them)!

  2. I'm pretty sure had the temperature hit 91 (LOL) we would have packed it all up for a hotel. Ick. I am pretty sure I would have died at 96. Lily was great in playing under the fan. She's a trooper.

    Yes, pull the asthma card... no attacks missy!!