Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crashing Crystal

crystal Cathedral

"My messages will be very light on Scripture.  They'll be stories, primarily with lessons.  They'll be biblical concepts, but my platform on the 'Hour of Power' and the cathedral on Sunday mornings is as an outreach to the unchurched."

-Shelia Schuller Coleman, who will succeed her father, Robert Schuller at the Crystal Cacthedral, saying her sermons won't sound like those of a preacher.


(Modern Reformation, September/October 2009, p.4)

Interesting, because I thought that Sunday's were for worship and the reading of the Word.


  1. Interesting. Is she even ordained?

  2. Will stories bring people to Christ? Why not watch a sitcom?

  3. I am not sure. I will look into that. However, I am guessing that she is if she is taking over. I'd like to know who ordained her.

  4. Parables, I understand Jesus using. Hello, can we say HE is THE Word (Gospel of John) -- and now she is replacing it with her own junk. Yeah, I am pretty sure this will look like some sort of sitcom.

  5. From what I saw on their website she is not ordained but has a doctorate in Education. Only one of Robert Schuller's children is an ordained minister in the RCA.

    That was a great question, Mary.