Saturday, February 28, 2009

Radio Static


Shushing a baby works wonders to calm them down.  Usually the louder it is the better it works.  I sometimes have to get right up into Little Flower's ear to override her cry.  A vaccum works well, too.  It's all about them remembering the soothing sounds of the womb -- mama's heart beat and the swooshing of blood.  I read that the sound can be twice that of a vaccum.  Interesting.

What do you do when there is no vaccum and you can only "shush" so loud without spit getting on the windshield?   (ha ha ha!)

Well, find yourself a static station on the radio and crank it up.  It will catch their attention, calm them down, and maybe even put them to sleep.  Works well when just the movement of the car doesn't fully cut it. 

Just don't plan to have any conversations until baby is asleep and you can turn the static off.

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