Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Burrito


Well, it's a funny thing.  Even little babies change their minds.  ha ha ha!!

Not too long after my post stating that Little Flower no longer wanted to be swaddled we discovered she really did.  The culprit at the time was most likely temperature.  We had a bit of a warm spell and the swaddle we had was a micro-fleece.  Which meant she was probably a little steamy!  When the weather cooled down she was much more comfy in it.  Also, she was outgrowing the one we had.  She's just too tall and a bit broad in the shoulders for the small.  We moved up a size and it helped that I could get it tight enough where she wouldn't break out.  We have also since found some t-shirt material swaddles now that we are reaching up into the 80's.  Makes for a happier baby who is now sleeping through the night.

Just so you know, neither I or my sweet husband were never especially talented at the swaddle (oh to be like the pros in the hospital -- I think they have swaddle machine.  ha ha!) so we had the cheater swaddle.  You know, the ones with a pouch and some Velcro.  However, Little Flower is pretty darn strong.  I am not sure anyone would be able to do a traditional swaddle on her and not have her break out.  Goodness, sometime she breaks out of the Velcro ones!

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