Friday, September 12, 2008

A Post 9/11 World

While this is a day late... and maybe even a dollar short I couldn't help but ponder our history.  It's interesting how much has changed since September 11, 2001.  Then again, it's interesting to think on how things may be the same or never changed at all.  It's somewhat odd to me to be in an era that has been so duly named, "A post 9/11 world" and everyone knows what that means.  There's no need to figure out if you belong to that title or not -- we all do.

Through all the memorials and radio clips yesterday that brought a lump to my throat, and the words "Let's Roll" from United 93 gave me goosebumps as I drove across the 202 on my way to dinner -- what came to mind was what I was doing that day.  I am sure if you ask anyone they can tell you what they were doing when they heard about the attacks on American soil.  Other generations remember what they were doing when JFK was shot in Texas, others when Americans landed on the moon, and now this present generation is marked with 9/11.

I remember I was working at Applebee's before going on staff with Campus Crusade.  I had worked the late shift the night before so I slept in rather late.  When I did wake up, my normal routine was to go to the computer and check e-mail.  The news page popped up, as usual, and as I saw the first photos of the towers burning just before they fell, I thought this was some hoax.  You know, where people play with Photoshop a little too much and a little too well.  As I clicked through some other pages I realized there was more to this than a hoax.  I went to the TV and was taken by what was happening to our country.  I realized then that I should call my dad as he was working at the air force base.  He was fine but said the base was on lock-down and they would probably be sending non-essential personnel (him) home soon.  However, on the lighter side of things he mentioned that they (the powers that be) had given him a firearm "just in case."  Seems appropriate enough, right?  Until you realize that they gave him the firearm but wouldn't give him ammunition.  HA!  I don't think they realized who they were dealing with there.  My dad used to shoot competitively for the air force back in the day AND he's an avid hunter (who teaches hunter safety).  He knows how to wield a gun, folks.  Like the rest of the country, I was fixed to the TV until it was time to go to work.  I thought they would close the restaurant but they stayed open.  I think we had five people come in that day.  One of my co-workers was frantically trying to get in touch with his family who were supposed to tour the World Trade Center that morning.  Like many other folks, they were providentially delayed and were safe.   We basically watched the news until the store closed.

I remember flying to Mexico about a month after 9/11 for a mission trip only to have many ask if I was afraid to fly and many were quite the "nervous nellies" about the whole thing.  I told them we had to move on with life and get back to normal - whatever normal looked like now - and also assured them that the Lord has our days numbered and we do not know when He might call us home.  It's true.  However, it can be harder to live those word on some days more than others.

Hummm... it's interesting to ponder our thoughts and feelings of that day.

Where were you?


  1. An unloaded gun with no ammo. NICE!

  2. I was getting washed up when a friend called. She knows I don’t watch the news nor read the paper. I had toothpaste in my mouth, but it’s the kind of friend for whom one can answer the phone with toothpaste in her mouth.


    We are under terrorist attack.

    Wew, gud mrning tuh you too!

    Turn on your TV to channel (whatever).

    Um, I hvn’t hd coffee yet.

    The World Trade Center has been hit.

    Out came the toothpaste, on went the TV. Just in time to see the second tower get hit.

    I don’t remember anything else for the rest of the day. Just watching the TV and keeping the girls playing in the other room.

    Just thinking about it renews that uneasy feeling. I wonder though - if we couldn't all use a dose of that - a reminder that we aren't ever as safe as we think we are.