Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I really don't remember the last time I had a real bout of the hiccups.  I do know that it has been several years because they usually make me laugh and sometimes in the midst of the laughter I get a bit frustrated, too, because the NEVER seem to go away.  This fact has made the last few months of pregnancy rather entertaining.  Hiccups have returned.  However, I have yet to have more than three at one time.

I can almost predict when the hiccups will come.  Usually after I have eaten or when I change positions in bed and sometimes sitting up right.  One time I even hiccuped along with the clock as it rang the time - we were in perfect sync on two of the chimes.  I laughed at that!  Must take talent, right?  :)

However, yesterday morning was even more entertaining.  With all of my random hiccups we knew that Little Flower must have them from time to time.  We haven't seen her hop in my belly with them yet as she is still quite small.  Yesterday morning I was laying on our bed reading after Husband went to work.  All of a sudden I saw my stomach hopping more than usual and in a rather rhythmic motion.  I realized that I was watching my little girl bounce with the hiccups.  While that was entertaining in and of itself I then realized she was getting frustrated with them -- which caused her momma to laugh even more.  She was moving all around and still bouncing with the hiccups!  It was really quite a sight and experience.  Obviously, now she is big enough for us to see her hiccup episodes from time to time.

It was funny... maybe you had to be there.


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  1. How Fun! - The baby's hiccups, I mean!

    My favorite lying-in-bed-baby-moving-around time was when I was lying there reading, and the cat jumped up to take a nap on my stomach. The baby started doing her evening tumbling routines which terrified the cat and sent him leaping to the ceiling.

    Pregnant tummies - yeah!