Friday, May 9, 2008

UNM Shout Out from NBC

My sweet husband really enjoys watching the show ER.  Last night was no different as we settled in to watch the beloved show.  However, within the first few minutes of the show I looked at Husband and asked, "Did I really hear that?"

Sure enough.

Some new character on the show is a 4th year med student doing some rotation from the University of New Mexico.  It was entertaining as there was small talk about being a lobo (the mascot, a wolf - in case you didn't know) and watching football games as well as which family members had season tickets, etc.  It was still strange to me as I had Husband rewind so I could see it again.  Nutty.  Of course she has the token Spanish surname name.  Oh well.

Props to UNM getting a little shout out from the writers at NBC.  I have heard that UNM has a pretty good med school and a few of my friends are a product of that system.  Apparently, we have arrived.  HA!

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