Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thanks for Addressing the Problem

On Sunday, when my sweet husband was ready for dinner he had a particular craving for a certain "fast food" place in town.  It's odd that when one is sick that there can be a disappearance of any food cravings at all... or there can be really odd ones.  This request wasn't entirely all that odd and when the husband is sick I am quick to oblige just about any whim.

So, I order and pull to the first window to pay the nice gentleman that took my order.  I could tell the he was suddenly quite busy and it was a taking a bit longer than usual to process my card.  No worries.  I am in no huge rush.  As I was waiting to get my receipt and card back I look forward only to find that my order is being dangled out the window as though I was a donkey and it the desperately wanted carrot.  I continued to wait and my order was continually dangled to and fro only to know that my food was also cooling down considerably.  I was a bit astonished to say the least.  But it would not end there.  When I was finally through with my payment transaction I pulled forward only to be greeted by a fairly large man who snapped, "Well, I have been waiting for you."

I didn't really know what to say as I was taken aback by his complete rudeness!  I told him that I was at the first window PAYING.  He didn't really seem to care.  He kind of tossed me my bag, I asked him if there was sauce in the bag.  He indicated there was and then closed the window before I could say one more thing.

Fuming.  That would be one word that I would use to describe how I felt.  As soon as I got home I told my sweet husband what happened and then I got on the phone and relayed the story to the manager.  He assured me that he would address the problem immediately and that he would like to treat us to lunch or dinner and to come in on particular days and ask for him.

Yesterday, I went in looking for the manager that I had spoken with on Sunday.  I apparently was talking to a manager and he told me there was no such manager by that name.  My blood pressure started to rise as I thought that I had just been "had" by some other employee.  I again relayed the story to this manager and another manager on duty.  It was then that he did know the manager that I had first mentioned and that the other manager was new and that he was still getting used to a new set of names.  At that I was just glad that I wasn't the victim of yet another rude party.  These managers were certainly apologetic and they complied with what the original manager had promised.  I ordered the exact same meal from Sunday and they were shocked that I didn't want more!  They were trying to give us desserts (which I am not a huge fan of anyway) and much more.  I should have taken advantage of the free drink but opted not.

In it all, they were very nice and I was treated with care.  I think that if those "cravings" come again we will not be leary to go back.


  1. Man alive! What a rude dude! I would have jumped through the window and rung his neck! If I wasn't so shocked from the awful service! Glad it was resolved.

  2. Glad to see you stand up for yourself and not let folks be rude or try to take advantage. Way to go!!

  3. I now carry a BB gun in the car to inspire the staff to be more compliant.